Friday, April 26, 2019

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Love in the Hills of the Headwaters Series.
There is no place more beautiful to me than the home I’ve made with the love of my life. We’re surrounded by rushing waters, rugged landscapes, rolling hills and magnificent views. Where people are real, and life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. It’s the most magnificent inspiration for love. Set in the communities that form the Headwaters, the ‘Love in the Hills of the Headwaters Series’ will bring you stories you can relate to; people you can connect with; and love you can believe in. It’s the perfect place for city glam to meet country charm. Come Join us in the Hills of the Headwaters and find a place to explore, unplug and fall in love.

First book - Behind The Tangerine Door  -  Release Date May 28, 2019

'Behind the Tangerine Door' there was mystery, there was tragedy, and there was love. Journey home to Mono Mills with Cora Scott and uncover the secrets her grandparents kept for many years. While you're visiting, try not to fall in love with Ben, he's not your typical boy next door. His bossy nature and sarcastic sense of humour will challenge you at every turn. Home and family is where he belongs and he’ll never leave the Hills of the Headwaters. When sentimental childhood memories and international career opportunities collide, Cora is left with the difficult decision of pursuing her dreams or following her heart.

PreOrders are now available on Smashwords for the special release price of $1.99 USD

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Halloween decorating - gma fail - Kalicon - award winning new release - free ebook - Halloween Blog Hop - PRIZES - @tdanielsauthor

Happy 'almost' Halloween ! I am a huge Halloween geek ! I take my decorating and my Halloween movies very seriously. Sadly, I have to wait for Mr. D to work nights to watch anything paranormal or scary because those kind of shows give him nightmares. *holds stomach laughing* . No Joke, I'll need someone to go with me to see the new Halloween Movie !

Over the next few weeks on my  Facebook  page I'll be posting all sorts of games and Halloween memes. If you love Halloween too then give my page a like and join in the fun and share anything you think I'd enjoy.  Those of you who do follow me already know my twisted kind of sense of humor. 

Now here's a little dilemma I have this year. I love to decorate my house in that 'realistic' haunted sort of way, bordering on 'disturbing'.  This year we have the Granddaughters who are no longer babies and come to visit often. I love having them to the house, but I'm afraid that if I decorate as per the usual regiment I'm likely going to traumatize them.  Mr D. gave me the look last week when I got excited about a full size animated skeleton horse on sale at Home Depot for $200 ! What could be better when you live between the Boarding stable and the thoroughbred racing horse breeders? lol  Given that the grand-kids who are 3 and 1 come every Sunday to feed carrots to the horses next door, I suppose posing a life size skeleton horse, that neighs with red glowing eyes, on the hill at the top of the paddock might make me an assholey Gramma #gmafail 

This year Mr D and I will be attending a Halloween party and I've spent hours online looking for the perfect gruesome couples costumes, despite Mr. D's proclamation that he's going to be a cowboy. When I shared with him a few pictures of some really cool 'dark' costumes he looked disappointed. Apparently I'm looking for Scary and he was hoping more 'Slutty'. Geesh, I am a Gramma now. I can't rock the fishnets and bustiers anymore dude. Gravity has NOT been kind to me. doh !  I encourage you to dress up in something scary and go out and terrify your friends or put on something sexy/naughty behind closed doors and have playtime with your honey ! Either is a win in my books ! Whatever you decide to do this Halloween let yourself free and have a little fun!

Only a few more weeks until the much awaited Kalicon Author Signing in Belleville, Ontario on October 27th from 11 to 3.  General admission is FREE !
I'm well into making special Halloween swag and if all goes well I'll have the first section of my Halloween Serial ready for sale. Keep watching my social media for updates and keep your fingers crossed ! Kalicon is a multi-genre event that caters to readers of all ages. There are extra events planned for REGISTERED guests.  If you haven't bought your registered tickets yet, you can still by them online at this link-  Kalicon Signing info and tickets

I'll have some special gifts for those who PREORDER their books for Kalicon...  Don't miss out ! 

In addition to that I am currently offering my award winning Rom-Com stand alone Refusing To Expire as a free ebook from now until the day after Kalicon. To get your free copy go to Smashwords and use  Coupon  Code AZ45Q. 

My new release Unbound was voted 2nd place in Best Contemporary Romance. I don't know how to explain how very humbled I am and appreciative of everyone who voted.  This series is very special to me and it warms my heart to know that so many readers have loved it too.

Unbound on Kindle  Also available on most ebook platforms. Check with your fav ebook provider.

The full Bound4Ireland Trilogy is available on Kindle Unlimited until the end of the year and is available to purchase exclusively through Amazon.

For the rest of the month you can take part in this fantastic Halloween Book Hop ! Never done a 'HOP' Before? You start with a list of participating authors and visit their pages to get a chance to win some fantastic prizes and then HOP to the next one on the list. At the end of the hopping there is a grand prize Rafflecopter ! Start  HERE !

Friday, September 14, 2018

Transitioning into Fall, Ignite Your Souls Author Event in London, Love in the Hills of the Headwater. @tdanielsauthor

Today someone asked me if I had a good summer.  It's been so warm here the past few days that I hadn't really thought about it. Where did Summer go? Could it be true that Summer is done and we're making the transition into the fall season? 
Kids have gone back to school, and the highway is stopped dead every morning so everyone must be back at work. I suppose it's time to pack away my sandals and white pants. Gman gave me the unimpressed eyebrow when I suggested that he drag out the bin of fall decorations.  I'm not entirely sure what his issue is, it's not like I've just asked him to drag out the eight bins of Halloween decorations. YET.  That will be next months post.  
As you may remember last year at this time we had just moved to our first new home together and planted blueberry bushes to honor my father and start some new traditions with our granddaughters.  I had been sent away to Tijuana to work on a new project and made it home to Canada just in time for Thanksgiving.  There was little time to unpack or decorate. This year I'm already enjoying all the ideas on Pinterest and I'm strategically planning to engage the unsuspecting Mr. Daniels in a project or two.  (or more)
Anyone familiar with the area known as the Hills of the Headwaters will understand when I say that it's Autumn beauty is romance inspiring. Crisp fresh air accompanied by the slight warmth of the fall sun soothes one soul and calms the spirit, making it more easily lead to romance.  As I listen to the birds from my back porch and overlook the 20 acres of brightly changing leaves, I think about bonfires, marshmallows and cuddling beneath a thick plaid blanket with Gary. It's a time to slow down and reconnect. Something we tried to do but often failed at during the hustle and bustle of the summer months.  Yesterday we put down the rakes, ignored the laundry and got on the ATV and went for a ride. Not an adrenaline rushing, mud bogging romp, but a slow saunter through the trails spotting bunnies and deer, even a flock of wild turkeys. Although we didn't have to venture off our own property, these are the things that all the communities in the Hills in the Headwaters have to offer. If you haven't checked it out then I encourage you to pack up the family and hit the walking trails. Or leave the kids with Gramma and take your lover for a long walk, holding hands and 'reconnect'.  Maybe you want to find a quiet spot all by yourself and get lost in a new book. It's okay, sometimes, to step back and recharge our own batteries.  Explore the Headwaters

If you're looking to ignite your soul and find some new romance authors to help you recharge your batteries, or maybe even inspire romance then come and spend the day at the Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, Ontario on Sept 29.  I will be there giving away stuff and selling/signing paperback books alongside many other talented authors, including several local Canadian writers.  Join the event page on Facebook and look for my posts to find an exclusive author for a free ebook for all IYSAE attendees from now until the day of the event! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Vacation in beautiful Alberta. 99 cent summer book sale. upcoming signing events. @tdanielsauthor

Well, here we are... August already. It seems that we waited forever for the first hint of spring and before we know it summer is almost gone in a flash. Mr. D. and I have made good use of our vacation so far, deciding to take a trip to Calgary to visit my oldest son. While we were out there we got to spend some time with two dear friends. Calgary is a gorgeous place and full of natural wonders.

 From the Dinosaurs in Drumheller,

Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary

Drumheller Museum

Horse Theif Canyon
Drumheller Suspension Bridge

to the Icefields and thousands of year old glaciers,

to Banff

the infamous Stampede,  and everything in between...

Last Chance Saloon

Coal Mine Drumheller

The Hoo Doos in Drumheller

A trip to Alberta is definitely something everyone should have on their bucket list.

If you chose to have a "staycation" this year I hope that you take the time to explore all the wonderful things in our own backyard. And on those days where you get to just get to relax, I hope you power up your Kindle or flip open the front cover of a new book and get lost in a wonderful world of love and romance.

If you haven't already read Refusing to Expire it's currently on sale for 99 cents on Amazon for a limited time. It's the perfect summertime read and was voted one of the top romances of the summer last year.

Love sometimes comes to us when we’ve completely given up on it. Many years after a failed marriage Tori comes to the shocking realization that all her online dating relationships seem to have a 'best before' date. Until she meets Roger Ford, a kind and caring man, with just enough protective alpha to make a woman feel appreciated and loved. The moment they meet and he gazes into her enchanting, green eyes, he falls hard. Everything just seems to fit. Well, almost everything. Roger may not be the perfect man, but he is no quitter, and he’s determined to prove it. ‘Refusing To Expire’ flows from serious and heartbreaking to a wistful and hilarious journey of two hearts ready to love again and the blending of families. Reviewers say ‘Refusing To Expire’ was an engaging, cleverly written, and highly amusing delight. I simply could not put it down.
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I'm proud to announce that I am confirmed to attend these three awesome Canadian signings.

Ignite Your Soul Website

Kalicon Info Website

Romancing the Falls Ticket Info

I'll have copies of all my books available to purchase and will personally sign them for you at any of these events. Join my readers group to keep up on signing information, new releases and special reader groups swag for events.  Daniels Celtic Souls Reader Group

Hope to see you all soon! Until then... Live your life so it's a story worth telling.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Surgery, Unbound, New Release, Bound4 Series, Carter Brant, Kalicon @tdanielsauthor

Hello there! Mother nature has decided to give us another blast of winter this weekend. I'm beginning to wonder if spring will ever arrive. For those of you who have been following me on Facebook, you already know that I found a surgeon who recognized the severity of my hip deterioration and scheduled me for immediate surgery. That day being Monday. (gasps) Although I know that total hip replacement is a well practiced and fairly common surgery these days, it's still surgery and I'm a little anxious. Thank you, for all your reassurances and comforting encouragements.

Before the pain started a few years ago, I had no warnings. It seemed to creep up on me overnight. I sought out a medical help, but the nurse practitioner mistakenly diagnosed it as a sciatic nerve issue. I spent several months on nerve blockers that obviously didn't help and the pain worsened. It was almost a year later that I begged my doctor to look further into the problem. X-rays very clearly showed the severe osteoarthritis and I was told that it would never get better. Without surgical intervention, it would most certainly get worse. And it did.

I went from a healthy active lifestyle to not being able to cut my own toenails. Eventually, the pain and mobility restrictions were so great that I had to stop driving. I'm lucky that my employer is trusting and he let me work from home. It's tough. Really tough. I loved walking, and dancing and the freedom that one enjoys without restrictions and I definitely took it for granted. I've always been a self-sufficient person and very independent. I've very lucky to have Mr. D in my life because he has shouldered all the additional responsibilities and extra work in the past few weeks without complaint.

I have a new appreciation for the challenges that those who are handicapped, and those who are elderly encounter every day. I've done a lot of travelling around the world in the past few years and Canada is definitely one of best, well-equipped countries regarding access for those with physical restrictions or disabilities. Even then I've had ridiculous challenges at places like IKEA who has elevators and wheelchairs but has difficult or impossible floor transfers between rooms making it impossible for me to view the displays. The Mcdonalds close to my work has handicapped parking but it's on the furthest side of the parking lot and I had to walk through and across the drive-thru to get to the door. One of the Walmarts had a handicapped stall with no hooks to hang my cane and the support rail was on the opposite side of the stall nowhere near the toilet. I couldn't have used it to get up off the toilet even if I had go-go gadget arms. lol Even the hospital was surprisingly challenging with its elevator doors that close before you can get all the way in the door and the uneven, jagged walkways and transfers in the parking lots. Although Mr. D. does make some amusing sound effects when he's launching me over ledges, bouncing me into corners and getting stuck in potholes.

I'm looking forward to a successful procedure with little complications and a speedy rehabilitation. Hopefully, with some hard work and determination, I'll be good as new in a few months. I will always remember the pain and the struggles and I hope that I will find time to be an advocate for those who will always have those challenges.

In a lighter note, The day of surgery my new release will go live on Amazon Kindle. Have you read my Bound4Ireland Series? You don't want to miss this Novella that answers all the questions you have from our favorite Australian Alpha's point of view. That's right ladies... Carter Brant.

Pre-Order available now Amazon Pre-Order  Release date on Kindle April 16th, Everywhere else on April 18th.


I’m Carter Brant. Most people dream of the love of their life. I dream about the love of my life… times two. As if it’s not enough that I feel like I’m stuck in some kind of weird time warp in a different country, I constantly deal with the unyielding push and pull that I feel between them.

All my success and everything I value, I owe to Ethan O’Connell: my boat, my luxury home, my Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and my big fat bank account. You’d think I’d be happy with all that, but lately, I want more. The playboy lifestyle isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. I long to find a woman I can call my own. One I can start a family with, like the woman in my dreams. That’s the kind of love I want to find. Imagine how devastating it is to discover that woman is in love with my best friend.  

Release Celebration Sunday April 15 from 7 : 9:30 pm est. Join a few very close friends as they help me launch my new release  Unbound - A novella from the Bound4 Series. Link to Tricia Daniels Author page

Cleveland Author Event.  This is the last year for this event and it promises to go out with a big bang. Hope to see you there June 23rd, 2018 Cleveland Author Event Website

Kalicon. Belleville Ontario.  October 26 and 27th. This may be my ONLY Canadian signing this year. If you haven't got your tickets yet, make sure you do. Kalicon Website & Ticket purchase