Friday, July 31, 2015

Road Trip #Canada Style: Nova Scotia: So Much to Sea by @KarynGerrard #Beach #Ocean

Being married to a teacher has its advantages. Though he works hard during the year, often into the evening way past school hours, one benefit is we have the summer off. We usually travel, taking different route each time. I have been to 40 out of 50 states (okay, some just driving through, but still) and 9 out of 10 Canadian provinces and 1 territory (I crossed into The Northwest Territories!).

Usually our end destination is Nova Scotia, our home province where the fam lives. But not this year. Unfortunately there has been a lot going on in my real life which has cut into a lot of my social media time. Due to my hubs's health, there is no summer adventure this year.

However, I thought I would go to Nova Scotia in my blog post. I have set some of my stories there. Timeless Heart, my vampire Blackthorne series with Evernight Publishing takes place on the South Shore of the province. And so did my shifter stories under another pen name.

For those not familiar where exactly Nova Scotia is, check it out on the map to the left. We are the greened-in area on the east coast jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. And regardless of Hollywood movies like World War Z which shows Nova Scotia as "wearing parkas in June" and a "seagull laden, rocky wasteland" it is far from the truth. :)

The Halifax municipality has a population of 390.000, and the province itself about 960,000.. Halifax always makes the list of "The best cities to live in Canada".

Founded in 1749, it is a major port and a global city, and still steeped in history with loads of landmarks,  museums, and historical buildings,including gorgeous Victorian homes in the south end.

A shot of down-town Halifax from the harbour. Major economic centre, as well as educational with many universities and the arts, including Neptune Theatre and Symphony Nova Scotia to name a few.

On the whole, Nova Scotia has a humid continental climate which means for the most part, winters are mild compared to the rest of Canada. One drawback, since we are jutting out into the Atlantic, there is a fair bit of rain and the chance of severe storms, summer and winter, though  if we get snow during the winter months, for the most part it melts quickly.

And talk about fresh seafood! There is an abundance. Nothing like hanging out at the waterfront, sitting outside a Halifax pub (like The Lower Deck) on a summer day, listening to Celtic rock and drinking ice cold Alexander Keith's pale ale while eating deep fried haddock and fries. *sigh*

Here is a shot of the Lunenburg area down the South Shore of the province. The Lighthouse Route is a gorgeous drive. Highly recommend!

In the eastern end of the province is the isle of Cape Breton, attached to Nova Scotia by a causeway. Nova Scotia means "New Scotland" in Latin, and a lot of Scots settled in Cape Breton because the rolling, mountainous area is very similar to the Highlands of Scotland. In fact, my hero in 'My Highlander Cover Model' had his descendants settle here. :)

It's where the hubs's family is from. He was born there, but moved to the Halifax area when he was five years of age.

You haven't seen anything until you've driven around the Cabot Trail, (named after explorer John Cabot) voted one of top islands to visit in the world. Check out the Cabot Trail HERE

And I didn't even mention all the great beaches! Hey, they're everywhere! We're surrounded by water!

If you're planning a trip to anywhere in Canada, I have to recommend Nova Scotia! You won't be disappointed!

Now I'm homesick. *wink* Pass the lobster rolls!

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  1. My experience of NS is barrelling through to North Sydney to catch the ferry to Newfoundland so have never been to Halifax. It is on my list of places to visit. We have spent time in Cape Breton though and driven the Cabot Trail. It is a beautiful area and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the province.

    1. Bonnie, Newfoundland is the only province I haven't been to. Will definitely do it someday soon. Halifax is gorgeous, you'll love it! thanks for commenting!