Monday, July 20, 2015

Romantic Plans On Canadian Soil

Canadian Romance, Eh?
Blog Post by: Kali Willows

The summer is flying by and I haven’t even begun to try half of the wonderful adventures I hoped to go on. It made me pause and wonder, with all the glory of the Canadian outdoors and being a romance author, what makes me swoon me, locally? The first thing that always comes to mind is the beauty and serenity of the open water.

That particular pause gave rise to recall a deeply fond memory I shared with my husband long before the birth of either of my children. We had the good fortune to go on a dinner cruise in the Island Star 1000 Islands Cruise, based out of Kingston, Ontario.

We had a lovely four course dinner, a romantic three hour cruise and the entertainment was a talented man with a microphone, guitar and some fantastic historic tales of the 1000 Islands and how they came to be. One bucket list item his tales sparked for me is to go on another cruise where we can actually stop on Heart Island and tour inside a real live castle!

After dinner, wine and an enjoyable evening on the water, topped with romantic dancing and the occasional stolen kiss, we finished the night off at a quaint little bed and breakfast in the heart of downtown Kingston.

This deluxe Rosemount Bed and Breakfast, way back when we stayed, was a picturesque Victorian house with a white picket fence and hosted by a lovely couple. They provided comfy rooms, duvet covers, a fireplace at the foot of the bed, and a hot tub you could swim in.

After a night of cuddles and romance, we awoke to the most divine aroma of breakfast cooking downstairs. We joined the other guests and the hosts for a decadent breakfast of homemade French toast, so thick it filled you plate, they topped it with cherries and whipped cream, along with true Canadian maple syrup, bacon, tea and juice. The extra ghost tales of lingering guests from days long past, added to the charm of this quaint little establishment, and sparked another bucket list idea to return to Kingston for…A ghost walk! But, that appeals to your typical paranormal romance author. *wink* But that’s a tale for another post.

Have a great summer and Happy Reading!

Canadian living, at its best.

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