Friday, September 14, 2018

Transitioning into Fall, Ignite Your Souls Author Event in London, Love in the Hills of the Headwater. @tdanielsauthor

Today someone asked me if I had a good summer.  It's been so warm here the past few days that I hadn't really thought about it. Where did Summer go? Could it be true that Summer is done and we're making the transition into the fall season? 
Kids have gone back to school, and the highway is stopped dead every morning so everyone must be back at work. I suppose it's time to pack away my sandals and white pants. Gman gave me the unimpressed eyebrow when I suggested that he drag out the bin of fall decorations.  I'm not entirely sure what his issue is, it's not like I've just asked him to drag out the eight bins of Halloween decorations. YET.  That will be next months post.  
As you may remember last year at this time we had just moved to our first new home together and planted blueberry bushes to honor my father and start some new traditions with our granddaughters.  I had been sent away to Tijuana to work on a new project and made it home to Canada just in time for Thanksgiving.  There was little time to unpack or decorate. This year I'm already enjoying all the ideas on Pinterest and I'm strategically planning to engage the unsuspecting Mr. Daniels in a project or two.  (or more)
Anyone familiar with the area known as the Hills of the Headwaters will understand when I say that it's Autumn beauty is romance inspiring. Crisp fresh air accompanied by the slight warmth of the fall sun soothes one soul and calms the spirit, making it more easily lead to romance.  As I listen to the birds from my back porch and overlook the 20 acres of brightly changing leaves, I think about bonfires, marshmallows and cuddling beneath a thick plaid blanket with Gary. It's a time to slow down and reconnect. Something we tried to do but often failed at during the hustle and bustle of the summer months.  Yesterday we put down the rakes, ignored the laundry and got on the ATV and went for a ride. Not an adrenaline rushing, mud bogging romp, but a slow saunter through the trails spotting bunnies and deer, even a flock of wild turkeys. Although we didn't have to venture off our own property, these are the things that all the communities in the Hills in the Headwaters have to offer. If you haven't checked it out then I encourage you to pack up the family and hit the walking trails. Or leave the kids with Gramma and take your lover for a long walk, holding hands and 'reconnect'.  Maybe you want to find a quiet spot all by yourself and get lost in a new book. It's okay, sometimes, to step back and recharge our own batteries.  Explore the Headwaters

If you're looking to ignite your soul and find some new romance authors to help you recharge your batteries, or maybe even inspire romance then come and spend the day at the Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, Ontario on Sept 29.  I will be there giving away stuff and selling/signing paperback books alongside many other talented authors, including several local Canadian writers.  Join the event page on Facebook and look for my posts to find an exclusive author for a free ebook for all IYSAE attendees from now until the day of the event!