Thursday, July 16, 2015

Canada Shines at Pan Am Games & Author Happenings

The Pan Am Games are well underway in Toronto,Ontario, and Canada is holding its own very, very well in the medal count! Fabulous news. Go Canada Go!!! Our water sports have been a highlight for Canadian athletes, with many medals won from those sports.

It's terrific to see so many people on social media praising the athletes and that our nation is coming together to cheer our talented athletes on. Nothing like coming together in a positive way when there is so much chaos and anger in other parts of the world. To set all that aside temporarily helps to keep me sane. 

I've been crazy busy -- yes not just watching the Games -- but with writing and farming and full time mom thing. I always laugh when people say to me "Oh you don't work, just stay at home?" I glare for a few seconds then say, "I have 3 full time jobs, #1 being a mom."  Sometimes I wonder if women I know that ask me that, understand that they too are full time mothers? Or maybe I am more involved in my children's lives than they are in theirs...?
The kids and I are having a lazy summer. Hanging around the house, a few beach days every week, and coming up with new ways to increase the farm stuff.

Hmm, but I digress. I've got two books coming out with Evernight Publishing in the next couple of months. Stirring Up Dirty releases JULY 24th!!. In it, readers will finally have Candy's story, whom they met in Dare

I've also finished my first shifter story!!! Huge for me. A challenge that I tried to shy away from but conquered. Fighting for Honor features a black panther and a white Siberian Tiger. First in a series, and I look forward to getting back to that.

At the moment, I'm working on a younger man/older woman story. It's coming together very well, but my heroine is way too stubborn for me! She and I are constantly battling over time, space, and the hero. So far, untitled but I have one in mind, just not sure it's definite yet.

I've also sent in a proposal for a WOLF story!! I'm challenging myself to write out of my comfort zone these days -- until they become comfy LOL -- and I am pleased with the possible story. I hope the publisher give me the go ahead on that. *fingers crossed*

And on the farm... well, the new calves are growing in leaps and bounds. Some have impeccable lines and will bring in a good amount of money. Cattle prices are up right now, so it's a plus for us.  We also have meat (browler) chickens. They don't care for the heat, we actually have a fan in their housing, but they're doing well and will be in my freezer within the month! Looking forward to that, and then starting the process all over again.

I've opened up my street team to be a Reader & Street Team, so that readers can also stay updated, discuss any books with me, enjoy in some fun there. Surprises and daily fun.
Want to join, click the image....

That's it for me this month.

Hugs and Happy Reading to all!

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