Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A 1Night Stand in the Capital? Post by Jessica E. Subject #1NS #boxset #99cents

It's been an exciting and busy summer for me. I have a box set and audio book releasing soon, had a box set already release, and I celebrated three years published with my first 1Night Stand title, Celestial Seduction.

With my first 1Night Stand story, I decided to set it in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Why? To be different. There were many stories already set in the flagship location of Las Vegas and others in more tropical locations. I wanted to include a setting with colder temperatures, and sexy blue aliens. Okay, so maybe the aliens aren't part of Ottawa, or Canada, but I wanted to include one anyway.

Here's an excerpt from CELESTIAL SEDUCTION:

“You do not belong here. You can do things the people on Earth can’t. You don’t even look like them. This human image that you’re hiding under is just that—an image.” His face became red. “You’re not one of them. Take it off! If they find out….”

“They won’t. This is where I belong, now let me off this ship.” Frey didn’t once regret his decision to stay on Earth. He’d had enough of the ship, his former Commander and the conversation. With more pressing matters, he needed to leave. “I’m late for a meeting.”

The MC’s eyes narrowed. “What kind of meeting?”

For a second, he hesitated. “A date.” That kind of fraternization was expressly forbidden by the Space Service, but they no longer held any control over him.

The MC stumbled backward. He pushed a hand against the wall to regain his balance. “You’ve chosen an Earthling as a mate?” He clearly understood the implication.

“I have.” He’d yet to meet the woman, but the picture he’d seen of her caused his heart to thump faster, his blood to flow to places only used in mating. He examined the ship for possible exits so he could get to her.

The ship lurched as it dropped in elevation. Within minutes it landed and the ramp door opened.

“Get out!” His former Mission Commander all but shoved him out of the ship. “I will inform the Chancellor you are dead.”

Although the old Ginnunian meant his words to hurt, Frey smiled as he stepped off the ramp. Staring across the recently harvested cornfield, he spotted his car parked on the side of the road. He rushed across the frosted dirt and corn stalks toward it, with the light reflected from the moon illuminating his path. He’d finally ensured no one from Ginnun would return for him.

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Happy Weekend Reading!

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