Monday, October 6, 2014

Almost Gobble Gobble Time

And no, that's not supposed to be dirty!! lol

In Canada, this time of the year, the leaves are changing, the days are getting cooler and it's almost time for our Thanksgiving. Lucky me, this year it lands on my birthday.

For me Thanksgiving has always been the official end to summer. It's time to put away the light jackets and shorts. Sob a tearful goodbye to my sandals and dread the approach of winter.

I might be Canadian but I HATE the cold, lol.

Most years, I end up with my brother and his family over, so 6 kids in total and depending on the year, 4-6 adults. It means lots of cooking, especially with my finicky children. But, I do enjoy the chaos--because I then totally appreciate the silence when it's done :D

Thanksgiving is also the signal that it's time to get my mommy butt in to gear prepping for Halloween. With 3 kids, two which still trick-or-treat, costumes are super important. This year I'm going to have a Sleeping Beauty, Star Lord (not Groot sob) and some kind of dead cheerleader. When it comes to decorating, my hubby has a blast. He loves setting up his gravestones and lights and every year, we find a spooky new addition. The guy eating the rat with sound effects is the biggest attraction.

We've also got to plan a day to go pumpkin picking, because my kids love carving. And I love the mess, NOT! lol. But it's tradition.

What traditions do you have this time of year?


  1. My fave part -- going around the table, one by one, telling what we're most thankful for, and what the best moment of the last year was.

    My youngest (12y.o.) is a tad long-winded, so always exciting to see what he has to say LOL

  2. lol, we've never done that, but I love the idea.