Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Canadian Winter...Pros and Cons of a Romance Author in Rural Canada

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Since we recovered from the fast pace and unusually mild weather of the holiday season, we are settling into a full blown, Canadian winter!

When most people think about snow, I'm sure the romantic notions of skiing and sleigh rides come into play, alongside hot cups of cocoa and more.

Being born and raised in the colder climate, I would hate to spoil any romantic notions of the joys that come with winter, but the reality is, it's not all fun and romance. So what are the pros and cons of winter? I know it's not just in Canada, but this Canadian gal has a list!


  • Can't hang the laundry on the line, sit at my Bistro set on the front deck with my morning coffee or swing under my maple tree in the afternoon sun
  • A large portion of the budget goes to snow tires
  • Spending hours shovelling my long, rural driveway, only to look back and find twice as much snow has fallen since we began!
  • Snow-covered, black ice-laiden and slushy roadways, and drivers who don't plan or adapt to changing road conditions
  • Massive quanities of salt and mud that coat your car, shoes and at times, the cuffs of your pants
  • The sub-zero, bitter cold that makes your teeth chatter and your bones tremble
  • The need to cancel plans because of weather
  • Constantly mopping the floor from the influx of sopping snow suits, boots, hats and mittens
  • An overloaded boot room with coats and more - feeling a little claustrophobic! 
Conclusion with cons, winter is cold, messy and highly inconvenient at times.

PROS; now here is some fun and potentially romantic pros!

  • Hot tea to soothe your chilly bones
  • More time dedicated to writing as you hibernate & more inclination to do your self-promo 
  • Sledding with the kids out back, topped off with a cup of warm cocoa and marshmellows
  • Comfort cooking, like a crock pot of stew, chilly or even a scrumptious lasagna
  • Snuggling by the warm fire, with a glass of wine, wrapped in a cozy blanket
  • Sweaters to snuggle in
  • No mosquito bites!
  • Cuddling under the blankets!
  • The inspirational glitter like diamonds and the whimiscal sculptures of the new-fallen snow as the blowing wind shapes them so uniquely 
Conclusion with pros, winter is a magical season that brings a different type of natural, awe-inspiring beauty and gives us incentive to seek out comfort and embrace the need to hibernate!

Our kids love to go skating, tobogganing, and build snowmen, snowball fights are a right of passage. So, tell me, what kind of things do you love and dislike about winter?

Do you find the chilly season romantic in any way? Do tell!
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  1. true and all good points Kali and as my daughter and I share an account will post my name in the comments
    Anna Low

    1. Wonderful to have you reply Anna! Thanks for stopping by <3

  2. Hello from a fellow Canuck who loved the Timmies joke :-)
    All true.I think the biggest pro - No mosquitoes or black flies or no-see-ums

    1. Thanks for stopping by Victoria! I'm heading to Timmys now, lol

  3. I love that there are no bugs (outside) in the winter. I don't like losing writing time because I have to shovel.

    1. True story, Jessica! Gotta get the Tiger Balm now. Lol