Friday, February 21, 2014

Ghost Towns in Erotic Romances Part II

Ghost Towns in Erotic Romances Part II

In this post I am continuing my Ghost Town Erotic Romances subject. In my second Undercover series story “Kiss Me”, you will find private-eye Jo Brady and criminal defence lawyer Daniel McCullen heading to a top-secret wedding taking place at the true Canadian ghost town of Nicholson located near Chapleau, Ontario Canada.


Personally I’ve never been to Nicholson, although my dad and I did try to get in on a couple of occasions but sadly bad weather forced us to turn our canoe around and head back to civilization. Alas I was a few miles away from the town and with some research I got a really good feel of the area and hope I was able to convey the wilderness surroundings in “Kiss Me”.

Apparently some buildings in the abandoned town of Nicholson are still standing. Some buildings have also been turned into cottages. According to the people in Chapleau, Ontario’s Tourist Information Centre you can visit Nicholson via canoe into Little Prairie Bee Lake and portage along swamps and rivers into Windermere Lake. Or you can hike in along the railway tracks and/or flag down the train as it approaches (and the train will stop to pick you up - yes that’s what we were told! And it will stop at the town to pick you up too) or you can drive in along a rutted logging road. Make sure you bring a topographical map and a compass/GPS to avoid getting lost.

Here’s a sneak peek at “Kiss Me”.
Undercover, Book Two.

 A one-night stand
Mind-blowing sex one hot summer night makes Jo Brady fall hard for a seductive stranger. But when Daniel turns out to be the lawyer who frees the murderer of her young friend, Jo is devastated and vows revenge.

 Dangerous attraction
Years later, while saving his cute butt from kidnappers, private eye Jo Brady discovers the truth behind Daniel’s past and realizes their sexual attraction is hotter than ever. Escaping from the clutches of an illegal organ transplant industry, Jo and Daniel are thrown together in a fight for their lives.

Hot, passionate sex… Being so close to her sexy stranger’s hard body leaves Jo all hot and bothered. Being near his enticing rescuer scorches Daniel with fevered erotic images of the night they shared and the promises he made to her. Giving in to the seductive powers of pleasure and desire, they spend their nights sharing passion and lust, igniting a fiery love they can no longer deny...

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For my next post I’ll continue my Undercover series with “Intimate Stranger” which takes place on a secluded island just off Prince Edward Island, Canada and yes there is a lighthouse!!
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  1. Hard to believe there are so many ghost towns in Ontario, but I have to admit, they make great inspirations for stories. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Jan!

  2. Thanks Jessica! You have a wonderful weekend too!! :-)

  3. Oh wow. I didn't know there were so many either! I might just to make a list and do some exploring. Great info Jan!

  4. Thanks, Kacey. Happy Ghost town hunting! :-)

  5. Great read, Jan, had no idea so many existed in Ontario, though sometimes, I think I live in one! :)