Monday, February 3, 2014

Shapeshifters in Canada

I bet you didn't know we have a thriving shapeshifter subculture right here in the Great White North. Surprise! We do. At least in some of my books.

The most common advice an author hears is write what you know. Sound advice especially when you're having to situate a story somewhere and you're unfamiliar with the geography. For the most part, I'm pretty vague in my work about setting. I keep the details generic, but in a few of my stories, I name actual locations. And several of them are in Ontario, Canada!

Probably my most well known series is my Freakn' Shifters which is based in the Ottawa valley area. Naomi, and her gaggle of brothers, along with her parents and BFF, all live and work in the area. Knowing roads and the general area definitely made adding those personal touches to scenery much easier. And for the things I wasn't sure of, Google search was my best friend :)

But this rambunctious group of shapeshifters isn't the only set of stories to get a Canadian home. Mated To The Devil also has a Canadian locale, this time in the Quebec through to the Ontario region. For those out west, don't feel left out. His Teddy Bear takes place in the Rockies, in a little town called Jasper. Tons of shifters in those parts lol.

So if you like to see a bit of Canada in your reading (like PVR instead of DVR) and references to poutine or beavertails, along with the occasional 'eh' thrown in, then be sure to check out some of my stories. Or even better, say hello to me in the comments or on Facebook. Until then, happy reading, eh?!

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For my latest release, based in Ontario, featuring an older heroine, check out Freakn' Cougar.

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