Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crazy Summertime Weather....

I don't like complaining about weather, especially after the terrible winter we had. But lately the up and down weather in my city has kept us on our toes. We've had more rain than any summer in the past that I can remember. There has been some very humid days though -- up to 94% humidity 3 days in a row, then a pile of rain for 4 days thereafter.

As a farmer, I don't mind there's been extra rain this year, my hay fields are blossoming -- though we haven't had enough dry weather to get it cut and bailed -- and there's my one tomato garden that drowned, which is very disappointing. In the area the garden is, with normal amounts of rain it's a perfect lower location for a lot of moisture but with the volumes of rain we've had, water sat for over a week last month because it never stopped and drowned about 70% of my tomato plants. The weight of the rain is also pushing on the hay fields. As you can see in the pic below, some of the hay is lying over on it's side. I'll need a few sunny and warm days to "pick it back up" and dry it out in order to cut and bail it.

But I have been able to get some writing done out under the shade trees on the nicer days. There's another Mustang story in the "Revved and Ready" series on the way. My trees are in full bloom and the breeze is gorgeous out here in my country corner, and so nice in fact that I've refused to drive into town some days for anything! Gets too hot in town where there's really no breeze because no trees and the heat from the asphalt is horrid. 

And of course, my partner in crime -- Peaches -- has joined me outside, inspiring words of course as she sleeps! LOL



Plus I've gotten caught up in the cows grazing the fields out front, benefiting from the rain which helps them out with gorgeous greens to feast on.

I hope everyone's had better weather than we have here. My kid's are anxious to get to the beach. Of course on the days that the sun is out and it's warm enough are days when things are already planned with sports, family and/or friends.

But at least I am lucky enough to work from home, be with the kids and write like the wind while they're all busy. I know not every mom/author can say that. So I'll take the good weather with the bad, cross my fingers my hay crop is going to be great this year when I know a few homesteads where the crop hasn't been great, and continue to count my blessings. 

Rain or no rain, life goes on.

Have a wonderful week ahead. 

Til next time, Peaches and I will see you soon...

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