Monday, September 22, 2014

Crazy about Cowboys

Happy Last Day of Summer!

Lately I have been working on a Christmas erotic romance which will be taking place in Northern Ontario, Canada. I’m calling the story Cowboys for Christmas.

This isn’t your typical cowboy romance. It’s going to be a cowboy erotic romance ménage and it takes place somewhere north of Wawa, Ontario. The only way to get to the fictional ranch of Moose Ranch will be by bush plane. (I love bush plane stories).

It’s also going to be taking place on a fictional organic Angus cattle ranch with the only way to get the cattle out is through a good old fashioned cattle drive. But because this story is a Christmas story with lots of snow, there won’t be any cattle drives in this one.
I'm expecting Cowboys for Christmas to be out sometime in November! Woot!

Here’s a sneak peek:

 Cowboys for Christmas
JJ Watson has spent the past ten Christmases in a maximum security prison. Early parole and a job on a Canadian cattle ranch comes as a huge surprise. The last thing she expects is to serve Christmas holiday dinners to three of the sexiest cowboys she's ever met!

Rafe, Brady and Dan thought they were getting a couple of male ex-cons to help out around their secluded ranch and to their surprise they get a cute female instead. In the snowbound wilds of Northern Ontario, female companionship is rare. It's a good thing the three men don't mind sharing...
They're dominating, sexy-as-sin, and they fill JJ with the hottest ménage fantasies she's ever had. Suddenly she's craving Cowboys for Christmas and wishing for something she knows she can never have...a happily ever after.

I’m having so much fun with this story that I plan on turning it into TWO series. One will center around bush plane romances in Northern Ontario and the other will center around convicts and cowboys around Canada and the US.  Start looking for them in the coming years.
So it looks like I am officially Crazy About Cowboys...and yep, that’s going to be a title for another book. *wink*

 Happy Reading!





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