Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Writing Life Gets More and More Glamorous... #Writing #Cleaning #Insanity

Well, another summer has come and gone, and where the hell did it go? My area had more rain and cloudy days this year than I can ever recall having before. We didn't get a lot of swimming in, my garden did okay but not overwhelming like last year (thanks to the bit a hill the garden is on the edge of, and with so much rain, it took days to dry out), and I didn't suffer from heat stroke once! (there is a God!)

And now the kids have returned to school and all very happy to do so. I have never been a Mom who likes to see the kids go back every year. I love the "no routine" of summer vacation, the spontaneity of doing multiple things every day and never planning too far ahead. But I will confess, when the kids return to school, boy I LOVE the quiet!! *g*

The first week of school was last week, and came with mixed feelings and an insanity I didn't know I'd suffer from. My oldest started College -- I was happy for her, sad for the years that have swept by, and cried for most of the first few days. 

My youngest started a new school which he was so excited about. It's a school for kids who love to learn, want to learn and for those who learn at a higher level and faster pace than others. There's only so many spots open each year, so to have him be accepted was huge for him. However, the one hiccup I was nervous about was the busing. He has to catch a transfer bus from my middle child's high school and as I was expecting ... the first day was madness and chaotic. The bus driver left him that morning, leaving earlier than he was suppose to, and then his teacher told my son the incorrect number of the bus he was to catch -- confusing him because it was the wrong # I had given him that morning -- but he listened to the teacher. It was just madness and the tumultuous feelings I had nearly drove me insane. From pride watching them all leave, sadness that more time had passed and they were getting older, and anger, frustration and dislike for the whole transfer option. But a week has passed and he is making every transfer, LOVES the new school, has made five wonderful new friends and chatters like a madman every night. 

Oh and my middle child...he doesn't like the early mornings, a couple of his teachers have already proven to be hard asses, but he has been asked to join a  Leadership Team to help other students with high school challenges. And since he's my sports kid, it didn't take him long to get invited by coaches to join soccer, football and cross country. He chose football by the way, and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. But I survived Rugby last year...

I'm the type of woman that when I'm frustrated, angry or my mind is racing from chaos and/or I'm on an emotional roller-coaster that I throw myself into housework.

I know...messed up right?? But it's true. I've washed walls, cleaned floors, windows, baseboards, washed all windows -- inside and out -- and everything sparkles. In one week, I think I've done more housework than I do in a year. It's nice not to have the kids disrupting or tripping over them, but it's insane.

I've now moved onto the 5 bedrooms -- cleaning carpets, washing bedding and curtains, and cleaned walls and corners. And having 2 boys ... it's with tippy toes and gas masks !!!  I went where no Mother should ever go LOL

One would think that all this quiet would be great for writing. And I should be eating bon-bons poolside and living the glamorous life of an author. Right? I mean, writers shouldn't have to do housework, cook or leave our offices to deal with menial things. *snort* Isn't Fiction grand? LOL

Life changes. I don't like it. I love to see my kids excel, but damn, I sometimes miss the days of teaching them to walk, talk and not spit up... *sigh* I don't deal with change well, I admit it, but I guess there's a positive in it all....

My house sparkles, smells fantastic, and hubby says I won't have to use the vacuum or wash another wall again this year .... HE will do it!! WOOT! 

Have a great day ahead!!

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  1. A big September for you, Kacey! I'll have some changes next year, but not that many all at once. *hugs* Oh, and I like your e-card at the bottom. It's so true. ;)