Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Ways to Warm up your Winter ~ by author Jessica E. Subject @jsubject

Hello everyone! Here in Southwestern Ontario, we've had a couple of warmer days with sunshine, but we're heading back into a stretch of snow and c-c-c-cold temperatures. And even though I'd rather complain about the weather, I know there are several ways to keep warm this time of year. Here are some ideas for you...

1. Get out and have fun!
Though this is not advisable in a snow storm, it is possible to enjoy this weather. Around here, there are many places to go tobogganing, skating, snow-shoeing, and even tube-sliding, skiing, and snowboarding. Get a group of friends together, or go with kids. When you're having fun, you forget about how cold it is. At least until you stop moving...

l-r: Me, Mark, and Rob. I've been here with the place I worked with through high school, my University dorm, my husband (before we had kids), and with my family. It's tons of fun!

2. Listen to an audio book
When you can't get out to have fun, but are stuck shoveling or dare to walk by yourself or with your dog in this weather, listen to an audio book. It will take your mind off how much you don't like this weather and transport you to a time and place where there likely is no snow.

Available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes

3. Curl up with a good book
Whether by the fire, or under a blanket with a mug filled with warm apple cider or hot chocolate, reading will make you forget about the snowing and blowing that's happening outside.

4. Crawl into bed with your partner and a naughty book
A surefire way to warm up is by sharing someone's body heat. Why not spice things up a bit by reading a sexy short story together to get you in the mood, or to enjoy a little bit of role play?

5. Plan a trip
Whether you decide to get away during the winter months, or shortly after, it's something to look forward to, and make the wintry weather a little more bearable. Why not come visit us at Romancing the Capital in April? Reader tickets are only $65!

Jessica E. Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotic. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk with her giant, hairy dog her family adopted from the local animal shelter.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.


  1. Thank you very much, Kacey and Kayden!! It's extra cold today, and I'm listening to an audiobook while working on the computer. Will be turning off soon to get some writing done. :)