Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cold enough for ya? by Kayleigh Malcom

Talking about the weather in Canada is a national past time. If it's not the frigid windchills of the Winter, than it's the humidity of the Summer.

There's jokes about it... We have two seasons here in Southern Ontario....winter and construction.

It can also be the focus of competition across the country. Remember when the Mayor of Toronto called in  the Military to help dig out the city after a snowfall that people in Alberta get on a regular basis.

This year is was cold enough that Niagara Falls froze over! Well froze over as much as it can. When you have one great lake emptying into another great lake there is enough water pressure to ensure that it's not completely solid, the water is still flowing under all that ice. Makes for beautiful pictures when the coloured lights come on at night.
(image via Elvir k / used under Flickr Creative Commons)

I've always maintained the rule that you can only bitch about the cold or the heat. Not both. Personally, I don't say a single negative thing about the heat and humidity. That way I can moan and complain all winter long and winter is soooooo long.

The only redeeming feature of this bone chilling part of the year is the liquid gold we are able to create. Oh, yeah! I'm talking IceWine. :)

Photo from
If you've never heard of it before, it's a unique wine created in cold climates. Personally I think the Niagara region is the best. (completely admitting that I might be bias here. lol)

Grapes are allowed to hang on the vine long after traditional harvest times, allowed to freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw, freeze and when the temperature drops to -8 and the grapes have reached the perfect balance of acid and sugar they are harvested. Gathered by hand, at night and then the rock hard little pellets are crushed allowing a thick rich concentrated syrup to escape. A 375ml bottle of icewine requires ten times the amount of grapes required to make a 750ml bottle or regular wine. That means it carries a hefty price tag but a little goes a long way.

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There are two main varieties that are used to make white. Vidal (my personal favourite) which is vibrant and lively. Riesling which is elegant and subtle. Common flavours you find in ice wine are ripe peaches, apricots, lychee and honeycomb.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are becoming more common and have all the flavours of the whites with an added note of berries and sometimes rhubarb.

Curling up in front of a fire, (or a video of one on the tv) with someone you care about, a bottle of icewine, some chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, and some strong cheese and you have the start to a decadent evening. How decadent depends on you ;)

 But, not even Icewine could redeem the horrendous weather we've been pelted with and when the lock froze on my husband's car for the third time he announced that it was time for a vacation. We're headed to a grown-ups only vacation in Mexico. I can't wait to get a new sugar skull to add to my collection!

If you could go anywhere to escape where would it be? (Dream vacations are limited only by your imagination...don't be trapped by reality) 

Write your dream vacation in the comments below.

When I get home, I'll draw one lucky winner from the comments and send them a surprise I'll bring back from my trip. 

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  1. I love the photos I've seen of the Falls frozen. Those lights at night...stunning. Hubs and I are hoping to go in October for a few days, was our honeymoon spot, will be nice to revisit. Would have loved to seen the fall frozen in person though.
    Have a great trip!

    1. I love the Falls, No matter how many times I go and see them I can stand there and watch them for ages. If you come down this way, let me know and we can meet for coffee! :)

  2. Surprisingly, my dream vacation would be to a cottage in Northern Ontario, one on a lake. But, the weather would be much nicer than it is now.

    Last weekend, after my hubby pulled the door handle off his truck because the door was frozen shut, the snow blower exploded, and the handle on the shovel broke, we'd had enough of winter. LOL

    Safe travels!!

    1. I think the North is beautiful too Jessica, when it's much warmer and not when the black flies are out. LOL
      Just think only 14 days till Spring!

  3. Jessica, your winter stories are hilarious. I tried to bring spring sooner by painting tulips in the 5' drifts and it just looked like dogs peed on my snow. Couldn't wait for it to snow again even tho I'm tired of winter. Kayleigh, I love your blog writing style and photos. I would like to go to Thailand with my daughters or Bora Bora, and soon.

    1. LOL I'd give you bonus points for creativity Cathy. Next time don't use yellow tulips ;) I've never been to Thailand or BoraBora, so if you ever get there be sure to post lots of pictures! :)