Saturday, March 14, 2015

Romance in small towns, Hot British accents, -40 winters and Hey! I don't think that's an icicle!

Helloooo ! How are all my lovelies today? Have you all had a chance to experience Romance this month? I live in a very small town in Southern, Ontario. and I often joke that it's not the place to be if you're a single woman looking for romance. Heck, the only place to meet men around here is the local bar where, if you have all your own teeth... you're overdressed. lol
But you know what, Celtic Souls? Romance is everywhere! We just get so caught up in our everyday lives that we don't notice it. 

I admit, romance can be subtle sometimes. It sneaks in and gives you a little kiss and you don't even know it's happened. Sometimes I have to turn off my regular brain and turn on my author brain to see those moments. And they are there... right under our noses. So let me share with you a little thing that happened to me in this small town not so long ago... It was a very cold morning. I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for a busy day in my corporate world. I had several meetings that day so I had to dress to impress. As I pulled off my street to begin my hour long commute into the city, my fuel light came on. Figures. on the day that its -40 and I'm wearing stockings and 4" heels. UGH. I pull in to the gas station on the by-pass to the highway and get out to pump gas.

While I'm following the instructions to pay I notice a black Porsche pull up to the pump on the other side. Damn nice car, I might add. Leaning around the pump I have to say the 'upholstery' was pretty good looking too. Just how long does it take to pay at the pump for heavens sakes? Push this, swipe that, insert your chip... gah ! I'm freezing ! I kicked someone on the ground that I thought was an icicle but I'm almost convinced that it was one of my nipples! 
Shivering commences, and a large masculine hand, folds over mine on the pump handle. I look up at the most handsome man. Mr. Porsche 911. He smiles and nods in the direction of my van. "Go keep warm." well, as if those piercing blue eyes weren't enough, that British accent just deduced me to a puddly mess. A frozen, slushy puddle. 

Suddenly it doesn't feel all that cold out. lol  Is this happening? A handsome man, with bedroom eyes and a panty melting British Accent... Driving a Porsche... is standing in -40 temperatures to pump my gas! Then it happens, I look down at the platinum ring on his left hand. Nooo! So I did what every self-respecting single woman standing in front of a hot man wearing a wedding band would do. "Soooo are you happily married?" I ask, through chattering teeth. He laughs and at that moment I expect winter to fade away and roses to magically start growing around the pumps, creating us a garden of Eden. "Go!" he says, still chuckling. "Get in the van and keep warm." 
Reluctantly, I did as I was told. When he was all done, he tapped on the window on his way back to his car. Sighs......... I've never seen Mr. 911 again. I stop by that gas station all the time in hopes to catch him. Perhaps he was just a traveler passing by on a journey to somewhere. I will never know, I suppose. But I think of him often. My heart starts to beat a little funny whenever I see a black Porsche. I could have dismissed that event as a random act of kindness by a stranger. And maybe to him that was all it was. But to me... Tricia Daniels romance author... well that story morphed in my mind into a great love story. A story where they run into each other again at this same gas station sometime in the future and they are both single and available. I see a happily ever after for these two...and it's definitely a story I'm going to write. SOON!

So I have a mission for you this month, Ladies! In your ordinary everyday life, I'd like you to start looking for romance. It's out there. It might not involve you directly... it could be an elderly couple walking through the shopping mall, holding hands. It could be two strangers who's eyes meeting across the Tim Horton's. lol Email me with your stories! or send me a PM on  Facebook I'd love to share your stories with my fans!

Life is so much happier when we let love in. I'm making it my mission to share it.


  1. That was great.
    I suspect I know which little southwestern Ontario town you come from as I come from a large sout western Ontario city bordered by river.

  2. That's a great moment and I agree it would make an awesome story <3 Write! Write!