Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Canadian Writer's Retreat

Happy Spring!!!
I'm so excited that Spring has finally sprung. Next to autumn, Spring is one of my most favorite seasons. It is the time when the snow melts away and I can finally start using my writer's retreat.
I love my place. It is nestled on four acres in cottage country in Northern Ontario, Canada.
Here's a pic that I took on my last visit. Plenty of snow.

Here's a pic of the inside - my kitchen.
And that's my mom by the sink.
(pardon the mess - I wasn't expecting company) lol

While I'm at my retreat, I usually write in a room over my garage.
It's so pretty and cozy up here and plenty a story
has been born inside these walls. *grin*
The pine desk under the window was built by
my thirteen year old nephew (at the time - he is now almost 21).
The white table (with the yellow tablecloth) in the nook was built
by my dad just after I was born (54 years).
We have very creative guys in my family. :-)
When you peek out that window there you can make out the silhouette of my house.
About ten years ago when I bought my property, I wrote my stories
on a hammock strung between two I have four walls.
Not bad for ten years work, eh?
I hope you have enjoyed my tour of my writer's retreat.
Drop by anytime!
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Hugs and Happy Reading!


  1. It's gorgeous Jan!! Wonderful to get away.
    I love spring too. Love seeing the flowers bloom.

  2. Thanks, Kacey!

    Me too, cannot wait to smell those flowers!!!