Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Back! Hopefully Not With a Cold Front Either.

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Howdy folks, and welcome from the freezing north. While there's no snow in sight, yet, I suspect it really just around the corner.

You're probably wondering why I'm even mentioning snow before Remembrance Day, or the American Thanksgiving. That's because usually come Halloween, the first sign of snow has arrived. Last year it was mid-November the snow came and never left until April. We're pretty much hoping we don't have a repeat of last year, so pray for us. LOL

In other news unrelated to the cold and dreary season upon us, my previously published novella Scandal at Vauxhall and the following books in the Pleasure Garden Follies series will be rereleasing starting in February by Liquid Silver Books.  I'm so glad my first historical romances will be returned to ebook retailers soon.

I've also got a few new series in the works and will share more information as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, how about you tell me how you prepare for the winter chill? I usually make sure I have tons of blankets throughout the house so everyone has an opportunity to curl up, especially with an awesome book. If I had an actually wood burning fireplace, I suppose now would be the appropriate time to make sure the wood was ready too.

In the name of keeping warm, how about I share a teaser from erotic contemporary novella His Unexpected Submissive.

Alex couldn’t help but be amused at how red the woman had turned. If thongs weren’t her thing, who was he to deny if she wanted to go bare? His blood rushed to his lower extremities. She kept herself meticulously groomed, but her bare ass would look lovely marked with his handprint. If she stayed long enough tonight, he’d even see to her preparation personally. If she were interested.
“Now, now, Mercedes. There’s no need to be shy. Poppy, run along. Master Brian is waiting. I do believe you’ll be needing this.” He passed her a black riding crop. “Be sure to tell him you’ll need three strikes for deliberately breaking house rules.”
“Yes, Master Alex.” She accepted the implement and stormed off, clearly knowing how much trouble she was in.
He walked further into the room and stopped behind Mercedes, bending his head to take in the soft, feminine scent of vanilla. Alex kissed the crook of her neck and pulled her back into his chest. “You look utterly delectable, Mercedes. If it helps you, for tonight, I’ll permit you to keep your polka-dot panties on…but the bra has to come off.”
Alex felt her tremble beneath his touch. Was she afraid, or simply inexperienced? He’d find out soon enough, as he intended to bring her much pleasure.
He turned her around and lifted her chin. “Mercedes, I asked you to do something. You will acknowledge me by answering with ‘Yes, Sir’.”

Want to read more? Pick up your copy today!

It's been a blast, my friends. Come find me here next month, and I just might have an exclusive for you. xo

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