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LM Montgomery, Author of Anne of Green Gables

LM Montgomery, Author of Anne of Green Gables

Lately I have been re-reading the journals of Lucy Maud Montgomery. She is the author of Anne of Green Gables and many other books. 

LM was a Canadian and born on Prince Edward Island. She kept a journal of the happenings in her life since she was very young. Through her earlier years of life she talks about her life while on the island and the beauty of PEI.  

Lucy Maud Montgomery's mother died when she was young so she was raised by her paternal grandparents. Her father lived out west so she did move there to be with her father who had remarried. But she didn’t get along with his new wife and L.M. ultimately moved back to PEI.

She later became a teacher, then she worked as a newspaper woman, became an author and became a caregiver to her ailing grandmother. After her grandmother died she married a preacher and had three sons. The middle son died shortly after birth.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

In her later years she became quite famous as an author and she was forced to use her writing to support her family as her husband was not well with his mental health. She also wasn't well with her own health. It appeared in her journals that she suffered from SAD...Seasonal Affective Disorder (lack of sunshine) because every year through the winter she just seemed to sink into the blues and depressions.

Death of An Author

There are rumours circulating about L.M.'s death. Officially it is said she had heart failure but I heard on the news awhile back that some say she might have actually killed herself. 

More info on LM Montgomery.

Her last entry in her journal boasts to the idea of suicide. On March 23, 1942, Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote:

"Since then my life has been hell, hell, hell. My mind is gone - everything in the world I lived for has gone - the world has gone mad. I shall be driven to end my life. Oh God forgive me. Nobody dreams what my awful position is."

She died a month later...

Back in the 1990’s I had the pleasure of visiting Prince Edward Island and fell in love with the red sandy beaches, the quaint little shops, the fog shrouded hamlets filled with lobster cages and fishing boats. PEI also boasts red and white lighthouses and a lush countryside filled with chubby black and white cows and crops of the famous PEI potatoes.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Island, grab that chance and take the ferry to the island or now you can drive over a long bridge. PEI will forever be near and dear to my heart, just as it was dear to LM Montgomery.


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Happy Reading!

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