Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mid February Blues by Kacey Hammell #WinterBlues #CanadaBlues #Hedgehogs #Animals

Good morning all. Just when I thought my world was warming up a bit last weekend (weekend of Feb 6 & 7th) -- see no snow around Peaches...
Was gorgeous weather!!

Then, a cold snap came through that had me wishing I was a bear with the ability to hibernate!! Even driving Son #1 to work those cold mornings and afternoons was exhausting and bitter. I hate snow!! I was born on a night --- mmm blah blah years ago --- in the midst of a cold and frigid snow storm, and I really dislike winter! So why do I live in Canada, right? There's no place like home where my family is!

But I digress, with the cold snap came a lot of writing, which I've started to doubt will remain in my current WIP. The 3,600 words may not pass muster, there's just something "wrong" about some of them and it's quite disappointing when that happens. A lot of energy and time go into writing a first draft -- blood, sweat and tears -- and I dislike deleting chunks like this. I think my heart and mind just weren't in it. All this cold weather, family drama around me has turned me even more introverted than I already was.

Thankfully I have Lily, Peaches, as well as new babies -- Sam and Dean (my hedgehogs) to keep me positive and smiling. I also have my Daughter's hedgie here for a few days (Jax), while she's not in school this week.  
Lily's just been "fixed", which is nice now -- no more in heat cries of torture for her. LOL
Peaches is as cute and cuddly as always. And the hedgies are about a week away from their mom and doing great.

Sam in his sock

Sam, Dean & Jax eating

But I have the mid February -- mid winter -- blues that I'm struggling to kick. Hubs and I should take a long Caribbean vacation until the weather turns. Though I'm not sure I'd be able to find enough sunscreen to keep me from turning into a lobster...another blog post entirely!!! LOL

What do you do during the winter that keeps you from going crazy with the ups and downs of the weather??

Until next time, stay warm!!!

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