Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bound4Ireland - How to piece the past and present all together by Tricia Daniels (@TDanielsAuthor)

Ireland October 2016

If you missed my last blog post on how the Bound4Ireland story came to be written, you may want to go back to last month and give it a read first. This segment might make more sense... or no sense at all. You may decide I'm completely crazy. lol

Let's continue... The message: It's time to let love in.

It's true. A failed marriage left me feeling about as low as a girl can feel. In my mind I had been a horrible wife, rotten mother and disappointment as a daughter. For survival purposes only, I locked it all down. Stopped feeling. Kept everyone at a distance. It was just easier. Now my struggle had become being haunted by my past life and dealing with my current one. That was a previous post as well. lol

I'm not going to lie, there were times I would wake from these dreams, (or memories if you choose to believe,) crying.  I never really figured out if it was because I remembered how it felt to be loved so completely... or if it was because I was afraid that I'd never find that love in this life. Maybe, just maybe that was part of the message. To remember that I am worthy of love.

I've already confessed that I'm not a literary genius. In fact, for the most part spelling and grammar despise me. Writing down my thoughts and dreams became more therapeutic then I could have ever imagined. A friend convinced me that it was a story that I needed to share. I had two concerns. Since I was only writing for myself, my story was pretty much a 191K word, single paragraph. Secondly, how do I write this story so that people would want to read it? I pieced together my thoughts and dreams and it all started to come together. Past life and current life started to make sense.

Some random things about the story that you should know. 1. A few characters in this story are based on real people in my life. 2. The extent of the abuse our heroin suffers is fiction, her ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) is not. 3. This is not a historical romance. It's a modern day story about two soulmates drawn to each other in this life. The dream sequences in the story are the actual dreams (or memories according to the psychic) that I've had about two people in love, a long time ago, in a land far away.  Ireland.

Next month, I'll introduce you to the main heroin, Olivia James. Sometimes we write a little too much of ourselves into our characters. lol

Intrigued? The Bound4Ireland collection is now available in one ebook with a bonus short story. Right now you can preorder it for the low price of $2.99 USD on Amazon for a limited time. That's the entire eseries plus the Valentines short story for the cost of just one ebook. Don't wait.... This is the perfect series to read before the Holidays. You'll just have to trust me on that one. No Spoilers. lol

Bound4Ireland Collection on Amazon
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Until next time!  Live your life so that it's a story worth telling... Even if you encounter a few non-believers. Choose to believe in love...

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