Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Canadian Easter! @tdanielsauthor

Happy Easter! 

Well, I'm a lot later posting today than usual. Normally I would have pre-prepared an indepth and awe-inspiring blog and been up at the crack of dawn to share it with you. However today I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Between the sunshine and the deadlines, I ran out of time.

This is our second Easter as a blended family in the Daniels household. When Mr. D gets out of the shower I'm going to send him down to the crawl space to get the Easter decorations. I won't tell him that they are behind fifteen containers of Christmas decorations. In there I'll find the Easter wreath that I've had as long as I can remember, my childhood Easter baskets full of plastic eggs and the Scholastic Easter books that I read every year to my kids when they were young.

When I was a kid I remember waking up Easter morning and running around the house looking for eggs and putting them in my basket.  Of course I'm four years older than my brother, so my basket always seemed to fill faster. My mother tried to even the playing field by making a rule that I could only collect the eggs that were hidden up high. When we got older we could turn searching for Chocolate Easter eggs a full contact sport. lol Eventually the rule became that we each got a basket to look for eggs but when we were done, we dumped our baskets out on the table and she would divide them up equally. Our wee granddaughter is just over  a year old, so she's still too young yet, but I'm going to hide a few eggs anyways. That's if there's any chocolate left by then. I've had to hide the remaining Easter candy until Sunday.

Everyone will come home for dinner and we'll cook a turkey and a ham. It will be the first time that we'll get to pump the kids full of sugar and send them home. lol Problem is that there are just too many cool treats to make. Mr. D. shakes his head as I scroll through pages of brightly colored ideas! However, as we've discussed previously, domestic goddess is not one of my skills. Things never seem to turn out looking like they should. Plus, I find myself short of time. Soooooo  I think this years dessert is going to be store bought apple pie and rice krispie treats made with peeps.

I have to get back at it now, if I'm going to get the house cleaned and a book written. I hope that you're able to be with your family, and friends this Easter, celebrating with your usual traditions or starting new ones.

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Hope to see you soon at one of my confirmed signings.

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