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Las Vegas, Reflections on Virginity, & A New Release @MichelleGAuthor

Howdy, friends! It was touch and go to see if I'd get this posted in time but the internet gods have smiled upon me and restored my connection.

So much to discuss! But where to start?

First, I promised some details about my trip to Vegas. As expected, I had an amazing time! We spend just under a week there and crammed in so much that I couldn't possibly go into it all here. Instead, here's the highlights:

You can't visit Vegas without taking in at least one adult show, and we chose to see Fantasy at the Luxor hotel. The singing and dancing was good, the mostly naked girls, even better. After the show, they signed calendars for those who bought them (us included). I was nervous about being a female in the audience, but I was amazed at how many women and couples were there. We also saw Zumanity from Cirque du Soleil and it also featured mostly naked people, women AND men, but the show was so artistic that it couldn't even compare to Fantasy. If you have the chance, definitely check it out! Hubby and I sat in the love seats in the first row and at one point I had two hot guys wearing only thongs making out beside me. *fans self* WOW!

On the G-rated portion of our trip, we visited the Grand Canyon. Absolutely breathtaking! It was a 4 hour drive through the desert but it was worth it.
Taken from a ways back because I was really nervous about getting too close to the edge.

I'd never seen a real Joshua Tree before. They're really beautiful in a deserty kind of way.

A wise warning.
But I figure you mostly want to hear about the naughty stuff. ;)  We went to the Erotic Heritage Museum. I found the historical pieces particularly interesting. When you see a stone dildo that's more than a thousand years old, you realize how central sexuality is to the human existence.

This delightful piece of art is made out of pennies.

The museum is right beside a Gentleman's club (which we didn't visit) and an adult store (which we totally visited). This was my purchase!
Oh my.

Part of the exhibit in the museum included information about the physiological side of the reproductive system, as well as about sexual identity and sex and society. And these next two pics provide a nice segue into my latest release.

What is virginity? In a nutshell, it's a social construct which has little to do with whether or not a woman has a hymen. Although in our time the definition of virgin has expanded to include men, in its strictest definition it's about a sexually inexperienced woman. These days, it's hard to define it as only penis-in-vagina intercourse given the varying gender identities and multitude of 'sexualities' out there. I love this quote from the large blue box: "[S]houldn't we think in terms of what was gained - a new experience, intimacy with a partner, pleasure, a better idea of likes and dislikes?" We as a society tend to be so uptight about sex, worrying constantly about perceptions and moral absolutes, that we forget that being sexual creatures is central to the human condition.

Who says three's a crowd?
This is part of the reason why my Losing It series (apart from the first book) doesn't deal strictly with women with no sexual experience. Book one, Losing It In Vegas, involves a woman who's decided to take charge of her sexuality and finally experience the joys of sex. The second book, Losing It All Over Again, is the wish fulfilment of a woman who's prior sexual experiences were unsatisfactory. Losing It In the Closet has no women at all, but rather a young man who wants to experience sex with another man for the first time. And in my most recent release, Losing It Two At A Time, two women who are married to each other want to have a baby and they decide to go the 'old-fashioned' route to conceive, despite the fact that neither one has been with a man before. I wanted my series to focus less on the act of "losing it" and more on gaining those first experiences.

Whew! This is a long-winded post. Thanks for sticking with me. My latest book, Losing It Two At A Time, just released!

Alexa and Vivian Parker have been together since high school. Neither one has ever been with a man, nor have they feel the need. Until they want a baby and can only get one the old-fashioned way. So they turn to hook-up site, Losing It, to find a sperm donor.

Carter Michaels didn’t anticipate having two virgins to please, but he’s more than up for the task, and he’ll help them as often as needed.

None of them planned on it being more than a one-shot deal.
Available now!

And the first book in the series, Losing It In Vegas, is on sale for a limited time.

Many people remember losing their virginity as an awkward experience filled with pain and followed quickly by regret. Online hook-up site Losing It, hopes to change that. For those who’ve made it to adulthood with their virtue intact, Losing It matches virgins with experienced lovers who will make their first time unforgettable, with no embarrassing emotional entanglements.

Losing It in Vegas is the story of twenty-one year old Rowan Cassidy who is sick of being a virgin. With no romantic prospects in sight, she turns to Losing It to find her a man willing to do the deed and leave it at that. Bruce McGovern is between lovers and stuck in a dry spell so he takes a chance with Losing It. He and Rowan meet up in Las Vegas and somewhere in the midst of all the hot sex, feelings emerge that neither of them expected.

$0.99 for a limited time!

 See you next month!

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