Friday, July 28, 2017

Emergency Surgery wake up the voices

Well I landed at the ER last thursday with stomach pains that stumped the doctors, after the blood tests, echoes and scans can back normal they couldn't tell what was the matter with me unitl one of doctors notice floating stones on my gallbladder; even then they didn't think the small stones could be the source of the pain and so I was sent home with morphine and request for a follow-up visit in the ER after 24hrs of fasting. Yeah. Ok not so bad considering just the thought of food increased the pain ten folds. I dutily went back in for my follow-up at which point the surgeon admitted the small stones where in fact the cause and he added my name to his OR list again was sent back home with instructions to fast and wait for the OR to call. I got called in on Monday for my surgery now here I sit in my post surgery morphine high with five weeks off work! Must be all the free time ahead that woke up the voices in my head because they haven't stopped clamouring... only problems is I can't make sense of what they are saying. Perhaps in five weeks time I'll have it at all figured out and a brand new story to tell--until then I'll be in my cave healing. On the sad side means Im missing out on RTC this year 😔. So to all my peeps going have fun and hope to catch you there next year!

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