Thursday, January 18, 2018

Are those resolutions on track by @elle_rush

I read a statistic at some point that said sixty percent of all New Year resolutions were abandoned by the end of the January. We're almost at the end of the third week. How are you doing?

Personally, I'm barely scraping by. I made three real resolutions at the beginning of the year. And I made them on a weekly basis. I know myself. If I tried to do a daily goal I'd be two days behind by the fourth, throw up my hands in frustration and abandon the whole project.

1. Exercise.  This is the one I've been best at! I'm right on track to exercise three times a week. I'd like to do longer sessions, but at the moment I do half-mile walks three times (minimum) a day on the treadmill in my office. I do this at least three, sometimes four, days a week. It averages to walking a mile a day. It's not a lot, but it gets me out of my desk chair three times a day.

2. Work. I gave myself a weekly word count. I made the first week. I caught up for the second week on Monday of week two. Now we're in the second half of week three and I'm horribly behind. I'll be lucky to hit half the goal I set. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and say that I'm still making progress, but it's difficult. (The good news is I'm really enjoying the new book I'm working on. I'm inspired to catch up. More news on this in March).

3. Languages. I studied French, Spanish, and German in university. And haven't used them since I left. I planned to crack open my old text books for an hour a week. I could find an hour. I'm 2 hours behind (it'll be 3 hours on Sunday.) I may catch up, or I may just decide this is not a good plan for me. However, I'm heading to Mexico in March, and would like to remember at least the basics of Spanish. I can catch up three hours right? (Tell me I'm right.)

But the very best part of resolutions, aside from you making the decision to improve your life somehow, is that you can do it any time. Have you messed up your new year's goals? You can restart them at any time. When I was on Weight Watchers, if I had a bad week, I reset myself every Wednesday (the day I weighed in). Mondays are another great time. New week, fresh slate.

Are you keep your resolutions?
Do you want to do a reset like me?
Whatever you decide, I'm here for you, cheering you on!

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