Thursday, January 11, 2018

New year, new stories & a shiny new plan @susanhayes

I ended 2017 on a high note. I finished the rough draft of my newest book, Operation Phoenix, on Christmas Eve, which meant I got to take a few days to relax over the holidays. Of course, I didn’t stay in holiday mode for long. My muse gets very cranky if I don’t write every day, so before the New Year, I’d started working on another story. (I’m also working on sorting out my corporate taxes, which is a lot less fun than writing!)

Being the start of a new year, I’ve spent some time working out what I’m going to be writing, when I’ll be releasing it, and how I’m going to fit all the stories I want to tell into the next twelve months. (Short answer, that’s not going to happen unless I invent time travel.) I’m also starting to plan my travel for the year. Booking flights, pondering swag, all the work that comes before the fun of being at an event full of readers and fellow authors.

The plan right now looks ambitious, but doable. I’m sharing it here to hold myself accountable and see if I can actually fit this all in without losing more than a few nights sleep and a couple of marbles.

The Plan 

January: Release Operation Phoenix (Nova Force #1)

March: Release Super Sekrit Surprise

May: Release No Limit (The Drift #5)

May 31-June 3: Head to Florida! (my first visit…not all Canadians migrate south for the winter 😉 ) I’ll be attending Space Coast Book Lovers convention in Cocoa Beach

July: Travel to Denver for RWA Nationals (I hope. Gotta get a ticket!)

August: Head to Ottawa for my favourite reader convention, Romancing the Capital!

Sometimes during the summer: Re-release the titles I’ve reclaimed from a former publisher

September: Release book one of the next round of Interstellar Dating Agency series

October: Release book one of the next round of Interstellar Dating Agency series

November: Release book one of the next round of Interstellar Dating Agency series

December: Release Operation Cobalt (Nova Force #2)

I suspect I'm in for a busy, wonderful year, and I hope you are, too.

First release of 2018 - Operation Phoenix


  1. Yay!
    Sounds great :) 2018 has already started off great. It has been wonderful connecting up :)

    1. And your awesome cover art will soon be part of my 2018 re-release plan :D