Monday, June 30, 2014

Aliens and Humans by Eve Langlais @EveLanglais #freeread

People often cite Toronto as a melting pot of cultures. You could actually say that about most of Canada. We are very unique in that no matter where you go in this fabulous country, you'll encounter people from all nationalities, living together in harmony. The mixing of the diverse cultures has made for some interesting new traditions, which leads me to the title of this post Aliens and Humans.

Much like immigrants from other places, aliens, the galactic kind, have their own methods of doing things and views. In my sci-fi stories, I often like to explore what happens when these culturally diverse people, with their own belief systems and morals, encounter humans. Can they find a way to bridge the gap and find common ground? Maybe even find love...

As part of a special event, #scispanks, I wrote a short story (which I hope to expand into a full length one). See what happens when a human, brought up to believe she has the freedom to make her own choices, encounters an alien male who thinks she should do as she's told. Because this excerpt is very, very, and I mean very, adult in nature with explicit language and situations, I won't post it here. But, I will provide a link so you can read it on my site. Enjoy!

Created as part of Sci-Spanks, an out of this world event.

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  1. Great free read! I'm a picky Sci-Fi reader, only a select few authors I'll read, but I love Alien Mate books a lot. Some of my faves.

  2. Thanks, Ladies. I love writing about alien societies. Especially sexy aliens :D