Friday, June 20, 2014

Kacey's Writing Getaway...Home Away from Home

Sometimes a writer just has to get away. Some go miles away. Others might head to the mountains or other provinces to find those quiet moments to roll out a masterpiece. For me, it's like a Home Away from the form of my husband's Grandfather's lakeside cottage home on a shore of Lake Ontario. And it's only about 35 minutes from my own front door.

What was once their summer getaway cottage, turned into their first home. After some renovations and winterizing, the moved in, raised a child and Grandpa still resides there...and loves it. It's an amazing homes with an old fireplace, his woodworking room, a large and spacious living room and kitchen...I love the country feel of the wood and have found solitude to write when I need it.

Our 84 yr old Grandpa still kayaks all summer. Living on the shoreline, it's just a few steps with his kayak and it's in the water and he's off for the day with his kayak group and it's the perfect dwelling for me to get some words in.

In fact, I've written 3 stories while he was out and about...

I love sitting on the shore taking a break or two as well, watching the boats cruise by and soaking in the sun and relaxation. The spacious yard is great for bar-b-q's, family gatherings and chopping down trees. LOL Unfortunately, terrible weather and age has decreased the lifespan of his 2 gorgeous trees on either side of the lake entrance. But it has made for some great family togetherness as we all work to clean up the treelines.
Tree clean up

Cleaning up the trees
Nothing like sitting and just watching pretties pass by

And our Darling Peaches loves to get her runs in while visiting Grandpa!!

Where is your favorite getaway spot?

Until next time,

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