Monday, December 15, 2014

Interview with an alien ~ Find out how this E.T. spent his first Christmas on Earth + a recipe

Happy Holidays! Only ten more days until Christmas!

Have you ever wondered how the characters from your favorite stories spend the holidays? Well, a while back, I interviewed Frey Berger, the sexy alien from my debut release, CELESTIAL SEDUCTION. And he just happened to reveal how he spent his very first Christmas on Earth. Enjoy!

Jessica: I’d like to welcome Frey Berger here to talk about how he celebrates the holidays. He is originally from the planet Ginnun and has had to make quite the adjustment learning Earth cultures.

Frey: Actually, it wasn’t that hard. I was trained by the Space Service to adapt to different cultures. It was my job to learn as much as I could about a planet before leaving for the next. Except, this time I never left the planet I was sent to observe. I left the Space Service instead.

Jessica [flummoxed by the gorgeous man in front of her]: Yes, you were a field informant for the Space Service. So, tell us what your first December was like on Earth.

Frey: Cold. I was dropped off in an open field just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on the first day of winter. Snow blew everywhere, and my contacts were late picking me up due to the weather.

When they finally arrived, I could barely move. Every part of me was frozen. They took me to my lodging, warmed me up and gave me a money card so that I could buy appropriate clothing. Of course, I had to perfect this human holographic image I wear on Earth first.

Getting said clothing was an adventure. I rushed to the nearest clothing store, part of what is called a mall, and searched for the items on the list I’d been given. What I didn’t expect was the chaos all around me. People shoved me out of the way with their bags and I even had a personal transport cart run over my foot. Somehow I escaped that store and ended out in the hallway, another crowded avenue. But through all of the pandemonium, I heard a loud, belly laugh and had to know where it came from. In the middle of a gathering of people, including many small children, a man in a red suit with a long, white beard sat smiling. And his joy seemed to rub off on those around him. So many others in the mall were wearing parts of the suit as well; hats and pants... When I came across a store selling the same suit, I bought one. After all, a coat, snowpants, hat, gloves and boots were on my list…

I walked around for five days in that outfit, kids coming up to me to tell me what they wanted the man named Santa Claus to bring them for Christmas. They seemed to know I was not the real Santa Claus but thought somehow I could relay their message to him. My Earth contacts arrived seven days later to see how I was adapting and laughed at my outfit. They told me Christmas was over and I had to find something else to wear. During my second shopping trip, they came with me and helped me to pick more “appropriate” clothing.

Jessica: Wow! Most people who live here avoid the malls during that time of year due to the bedlam. I couldn’t imagine what you must have gone through. So, how did you celebrate the holidays the following year?

Frey: Alone. I had just told my Mission Commander from the Space Service that I didn’t plan on returning to Ginnun, my home planet. Why would I return to a planet where people have no emotional connection to each other? Those I thought to be my friends stabbed me in the back. Sorry, that is still a bitter topic.

Jessica [wanting to give Frey a hug]: No worries. Although emotions can be bothersome sometimes, I can’t imagine living on a planet without them. So how do you plan on spending your holidays this year?

Frey: Well, hopefully in the company of a lovely lady named Carrie.

Jessica [groaning inside]: Can you tell us about Carrie?

Frey: She’s a paediatric nurse, has the most amazing blue eyes, and is my date for tomorrow night.

Jessica [trying to stop starring at Frey’s own amazing eyes]: And how long have you known this Carrie?

Frey: I’ve never met her. Tomorrow will be our first date, but I plan on it being the first of many. She needs what I can give her, and I hope she’ll want me just the same.

Jessica [still groaning inside, but wishing Frey the best]: Okay, one last question. What is the one thing you cannot do without on the holidays?

Frey: That’s easy. It’s two things really. The first is the red suit I bought that first year here. I always wear it at the Christmas party for the construction company I started when I first arrived here. I love seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they sit on my knee telling me their holiday wishes. And second is the Marshmallow Squares one of my crew makes. She brings them in for everyone to try, but only during the holidays. They’re a mixture of peanut butter and mini marshmallows.

Jessica [stomach rumbling]: Sounds delicious. Do you think you can get me the recipe?

Frey: Sure, I’ll send it to you. Now, is this over, because I need to get to work?

Jessica [standing]: Yes, thank you so much Frey for allowing this interview. I hope your date with Carrie goes well.

Frey: Thank you as well. It’s nice to find someone not afraid to talk to an alien. I hope Carrie will feel the same way.

Jessica: Will you let me know how it goes?

Frey: Sure, I’ll let you know when I sent you the recipe. I’ve really got to go. Bye.

And here's the recipe he sent me... How the date went? Well, you'll have to read Celestial Seduction to find out. ;)

Marshmallow Squares

1 pkg butterscotch chipits
¼ cup margarine
½ cup peanut butter
2 cups mini marshmallows

Melt first three ingredients over boiling water (double boiler). 
Once melted, mix in marshmallows. 
Put in square cake pan and let set in refrigerator.

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  1. Delightful Interview. For a moment I thought you might have cloned Carrie during one of her many visits to you. (She says hi, by the way.) But determined it was a different Carrie. The book sounds delightful!

    1. Thank you, Liza! LOL No, not the same Carrie. (And hi to your Carrie as well.)