Sunday, June 4, 2017

National Hug Your Cat Day @MichelleGAuthor #HugYourCat

Yesterday, we received word of two new terrorist incidents in London. I'm intentionally keeping the tone of this post light because we could all use something cheerful when ugliness like this rears its head. And because hugging your cat can make you feel better!

So here are the Top 10 Reasons to hug your cat according to (Original post here). And if you don't have a cat, I'm sure the same logic applies to a dog or a person.

10. Hugs are good for you! They release endorphins and help get rid of the blahs.

9.  Cat health improves with cuddling. It stands to reason that if hugs are good for us, they're good for the cats, too.

8.  Strengthen the pet/human bond. Your kitty needs to bond to feel secure. Hugs help!

7.  Unsure if you're ready to adopt? You'll know the right kitty by giving him or her a snuggle. This was so true of our cat. Hubby picked her up for the first time and she snuggled right into his arms. We were sold.

6.  Free stress therapy.  Hugs are a lot cheaper than a trip to the spa.

5.  Improves cat behaviour. More hugs makes for a friendlier, relaxed kitty.

4.  Loving Reassurance. Hugs will help cats when there are changes to their environment or routine.

3.  Maximum Purr-fection. Cat purrs have healing powers! They can help to get rid of pain.

2.  Empty Nest Syndrome. Hugging a cat can help for those whose kids have left the home or outgrown hugs. Or for those who've never had kids but like caring for something else. Fur babies are way cheaper than human babies, too.

1.  Celebrate June 4th all year long! It's nice that there's a day devoted to cat hugs, but luckily it's something we can enjoy any day.

Have a purr-fect day!

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