Friday, June 23, 2017

Sharknado vs Action Hero by @elle_rush


Fun fact: the longitudinal centre of Canada is thirteen measly kilometres east of Winnipeg. Do you know what that means? We poor Manitobans are as far from either ocean as you can physically get. Fresh seafood is something we only hear about, surfing just happens in the movies, and sharks are never a threat.

That may be part of the reason I love Sharknado so much. We have tornadoes, but we’ll never get sharks in them. Beavers, bears, maybe some moose, but never sharks. I love that series so much, I wrote a tribute to it, and that story is Action Hero. Set in my Hollywood to Olympus world, Glinda Crawford (Aphrodite) and Mike Mosley (Dionysus) are making a movie during the show’s hiatus. What started out as a serious drama has turned into a sharks-in-tornadoes-worthy comedy, and it will test all their acting skills and love to survive it.


 1. Sharknado has cold, wet sharks. Action Hero has cuddly pandas. Cuddly, cyborg panda assassins but pandas! (Winnipeg has neither sharks nor pandas.)
 2. Ninjas. (Winnipeg has no ninjas either.)
 3. Part of it takes place in gorgeous Hawaii. (No part of Canada can double for Hawaii.)
 4. Both Mike and Glinda do the saving – there are no damsels in distress. There are, however, many times they need saving. Action! Adventure! Pandas! (Winnipeg does have heroes though.)
 5. Sharknado has star cameos. Action Hero has surprise guest appearances from other books—and not just other Olympus books. (Although none from Winnipeg.)
 6. Mike and Glinda are smoking hot together. (Winnipeg has all the hotties, so we may actually be ahead on that score.)

 Grab your copy of ACTION HERO today while it is only $2.99.

Nobody in Hollywood takes cable television star Glinda Crawford seriously, and that’s not going to change with her next movie. What started off as a serious drama has descended into a cheesy flick about rabid, cyborg, panda assassins, and she can’t escape the insanity. 

Mike Mosley has it all worked out. He's leveraged his teen-age TV heartthrob days into a successful adult acting career. But the first week on the set of his new movie with his Olympus co-star Glinda has him second-guessing everything: the plan, his single status, and just how dangerous robot pandas can be. 

When script shenanigans spill into the real world, the attraction Glinda and Mike have been faking turns into a hot, real-life adventure. If they can survive this movie, they can survive anything together. However, the shocking finale surprises them both.

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