Monday, September 11, 2017

Getting my geek on - Why I write Sci-fi @SusanHayes

Hello. My name is Susan Hayes and I’m a geek.

I grew up watching Star Trek and devouring books by authors like Andre Norton, Piers Anthony, and Anne McCafferty. I dressed up as Princess Leah the year that Star Wars hit the theatres, and I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons since my university days. And if you’re wondering, the answer is yes, I got beaten up at school a lot, and no, I didn’t date much. Geek cred: I have it in spades.

It’s hardly surprising that given my love for sci-fi/fantasy and all things paranormal, I have written more than twenty-six books in those genres. While I treasure my contemporary stories, I’ve discovered that my muse and I prefer to write in worlds I built myself. From futuristic dystopias to worlds where magical beings like vampires and shapeshifters living among us; these are the stories I love best.

There’s something compelling about being able to create your own world and using it as a mirror to reflect the world we live in. From the darkest traits to the greatest triumphs, I can choose what elements to include and what to leave out of my worlds, and mold the lives and backgrounds of the characters that reside within those realms.

***Having re-read that statement, I’ve realized that at least part of my love of world building apparently comes from some innate desire to be an all-powerful goddess.  Good to know.***

Currently, most of my stories seem to be science-fiction romances. I have my Drift series, populated by alien races as well as human created cyborgs.  My characters are trying to survive in a future that’s less like the ever hopeful and optimistic Star Trek and more like the grim, cyberpunk worlds of Blade Runner and Fifth Element. My heroines are strong because they have to be, and my heroes might be white knights, but their armor is often dented and in need of repair.

September 22nd, I’ll be releasing the first of a series of novellas that are a different flavour of sci-fi. Instead of gritty cyberpunk, my Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Bride series is full of light hearted moments inspired by the classic “Mars needs Women” movies, along with a sprinkling of Earth Girls are Easy. I’m having a blast writing these stories and creating the world that my three heroes inhabit. Joran, Vadir, and Kash might all be from the same planet, but the only things they have in common are their good looks and a their absolute certainty that they’re not destined to fall in love.

And if you can't wait until September 22nd to dive into some out of this world romance...check out the Loving the Alien collection: available for 99 cents for a limited time.

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