Monday, March 10, 2014

A PEI lighthouse, sizzling suspense and erotic romance!

You’ll find all three in Intimate Stranger - Book 3 of my Undercover series.

Emily, our heroine, lives in a lighthouse on a very secluded fictional island near Prince Edward Island, Canada. During the day she steers her old tugboat along the ocean shoreline and searches for seaweed. Did you know that seaweed harvesting can be a lucrative business? And that seaweed is used in many of our everyday products?
But Emily’s seaweed business is only one tasty ingredient in Intimate Stranger, a story that came to life when I visited and fell in love with the quaint Prince Edward Island back in the 1990’s.
Let's head back to the story...Since the death of her journalist husband, Emily lives alone. She’s just become engaged to a nice guy, who wants her to sell her place and move in with him back in the States so they can start the family Emily has always wanted. Emily is torn about leaving this very beautiful island but she knows she just has to stop mourning her dead husband and get back to living her life.
That is, until one night a mysterious and very sexy stranger, who claims to have been a friend of her late husband, breaks into her home and moves straight into her heart.
If you like Harlequin style romances, plus erotic love scenes in your story, Intimate Stranger may be for you.

Here’s a sneak peek :
Intimate Stranger

Undercover Series: Book Three
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Line: Breathless / Erotic Romantic Suspense
Book Length: Super Plus Novel
Book Type: ebook
ISBN: 9781419921735

When a rugged stranger appears at her secluded ocean lighthouse, Emily McCullen is overwhelmed by a scorching attraction that touches areas only her late husband could reach. Soon the sexy stranger is caressing her sensual side, making her feel so hot and alive she’s yielding to her most intimate desires and surrendering to him.

With a new face and identity, Steve McCullen returns home with a burning desire for revenge. His wife is about to marry his best friend—the man Steve suspects is behind his faked death and years of nightmare incarceration. He’ll protect Emily with his life, but how can he protect his heart and true identity when he’s caving in to his desires for her?

Passion dances with pleasure and danger collides with desire, but when the past arises and shocking secrets are revealed, Emily must put aside her feelings of betrayal to help Steve stop someone who is bent on destroying their second chance at love.

Note: While a stand-alone, novel is best enjoyed in series order.

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  1. Living in a lighthouse on a secluded island sounds pretty amazing! :)

  2. I sure did enjoy "living" with my heroine as I wrote Intimate Stranger. Writing is so much fun!

  3. Love the sound of this! My father-in-law was a lighthouse keeper on Sambro Island (off the coast of Nova Scotia) back in the late 60's and early 70's. My hubs had an interesting childhood! Great post~

  4. looking good! Love the premise though i gotta say yeah i'd be a little pissed too :)