Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Location, Location, Location, Quickie Style ~ Layna Pimentel

I'm sure everyone has heard that phrase before--maybe not quite the same, but you know what I mean.

Whenever I work on my contemporary books, I almost always try to slip in a quickie in a very public and crowded place.  Which isn't all that hard when you come from a city like Toronto. Let me see there's: Cherry Beach, Humber Park, sheltered parking lot of Yorkdale Mall, and a that's only amount of places one could have an indiscretion or two.

However, when working on my Pleasure Garden Follies series, I decided to have a scene take place in an open park that was quite popular with the public for a number of reasons. Can you tell I'm a fan of these? Do you have a favorite location for your characters, or do you have a particular spot you'd love to be featured in a quickie?

I'd like to take a moment to share one of those reasons with an excerpt from my debut erotic historical romance Scandal at Vauxhall.

Nathaniel reached the entrance lined with ancient oak trees and hedges. What will it take to convince her that we belong together? He turned his head side to side, noting the sparseness of people occupying the park. With any luck, he would catch her before the maze.
Proceeding along, he halted by a bench where a couple affectionately held hands, completely engaged in their own seduction, when he discovered an odd shadow opposite of them. Intrigue and his swollen cock led him on, curious to see if the shape belonged to Isabel. And if it did, what in the world she was doing?
He closed in, quietly taking cover behind a tree. A smirk crossed his lips as he watched the woman spying on the intimately involved pair.
There had not been a moment these last twenty-four hours when the duchess did not occupy his thoughts. He dreamt of disrobing her out of those ridiculous layers of clothing, palming those beautiful round breasts, giving them the proper attention they required. Then, he would bury his face between her silken thighs, delving into her slick folds, edging her closer and closer to ecstasy as her eventual release shook him to the core.
Nathaniel shifted slightly to adjust the bulge in his breeches when he stepped on a twig, snapping it. The splintering wood drew the woman’s attention in his direction. Attempting to conceal his location, he moved into the shade, where he could not be found. Nevertheless, he had finally found her. The devil take it! Isabel, of all people, stood there, observing the couple lying down.
Nathaniel approached cautiously, to avoid alarming the duchess, until he stood behind her. She turned to face him, with shock splashed across her face. He locked her wrists above her against the trunk, leaving her nowhere to escape his assault of tender kisses. Lowering his head, he nipped at her lobe and dragged his tongue down the side of her neck.
“Darling, you do realize what you are doing is called voyeurism and is quite illegal.” He released her hands, only to wrap his arms around her, pulling her into chest. Her derrière firmly pressed against the throbbing ache of his manhood.
“Nathaniel!” she whispered angrily. “Release me this instant, you oaf!”
“Not on your life, Your Grace,” he quipped. “Had I known you were interested in such wicked things, I would have indulged you sooner. There are several establishments in London catering to those particular needs.
“On the other hand, my love, I will have you know, I can attest to my skills at pleasuring women. And I can assure you with the utmost certainty there will be no need to scandalize you further into taking you in such establishments. No proper lady should be in attendance to begin with.”

I hope you enjoyed the sampling. If you're interested in reading more, Scandal at Vauxhall will be free on Amazon from March 19-23, so be sure to get your free copy.

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