Friday, March 7, 2014

Time to melt some Eve Langlais

I love being Canadian. I think we are the most awesome place in the world. Our unique culture rocks. Our friendliness and laid back attitudes make us super likable - in my opinion lol. We have beautiful scenery, untouched landscapes for kilometers, breathtaking natural formations (I'm talking about you, Bay of Fundy). We also have freaking cold and snowy winters lol.
I know, I shouldn't complain. Winter is after all a season that lasts only a few months, but I hit a point, usually in Feb, definitely in March where enough is enough. I'd take a blow torch to my snowbanks and melt them if hubby would let me. Since I'm not allowed to set fire to the snow, I'm going to generate heat the only other way I know how by throwing some hot stories your way.
He's on a mission...of love.
99 cent special!!!! Fate Mates: Hot Shifter Tales
99 cent special!!!! Love Charms: Witches, Demons and Zombies, oh my!

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  1. I'm so tired of winter, too, Eve! Reading hot books or even acting them out *wink* is a great way to forget about the white stuff outside though.