Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Post-Catastrophe Canadian series

Happy Spring everyone!!

Before we begin, I have to say Spring is on the way here in Canada! I am seeing robins, red-winged blackbirds and also some cardinals. It's about time, yes?
If you enjoy such shows as Revolution and the Walking Dead, you might like my post-catastrophe series “The Desperadoes”, a m/f/m/m erotic romance ménage series that takes place near and in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  
I based this series on a movie I saw long time ago “Where Have All The People Gone” (a very cool movie) starring Peter Graves where solar flares have disintegrated much of the world’s population.
I used that idea for The Desperadoes. Aside from solar flares killing most of the people, the flares have also wiped out all electrical grids. Only the strong survive. Many people know that large towns and cities are dangerous places where desperate people will kill and eat you...yes, everyone is hungry...because not only is their no electricity, the earth’s temperature has dropped to the point where it is always cold and it is very hard to grow food outdoors.
Many survivors have taken to hiding in the countryside, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains as well as the Rockies themselves.

Some women are doing things they never thought they would ever have to do in order to survive. Teyla Sutton is one of those women and The Pleasure Girl is her story.

Here’s a peek at The Pleasure Girl (Siren-Bookstrand Publication)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Ménage a Quatre Cowboy Romance, M/F/M/M, light bondage, spanking, sex toys]
A fiery eruption of solar flares disintegrates most of Earth’s human population, frying electrical grids around the world and thrusting everyone into a cold, harsh land where only the strong survive.

Forced to become a pleasure girl in order to survive, Teyla Sutton reluctantly agrees to service dangerous desperado Logan Leigh and his two friends. White-hot pleasure becomes addictive beneath Logan’s tender touches and his hard, muscular body.

What Teyla never expected was to fall in love.

Logan knows he shouldn’t allow the Pleasure Girl into his heart, but he also knows it’s too late because she’s already there.

Soon three desperadoes are whisking Teyla away on an exquisite journey into her hottest dreams and forbidden desires. When she learns they are members of the notorious Durango Gang, can she allow them into her life, or will she send them away forever?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

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Next time we’ll take a look at the next story in The Desperadoes series – In Her Bed.

Author note:  I must admit, I do have quite the vivid imagination...sometimes it borders on...shall we say...very descriptive. I had to take a break from this series because it seriously scared me...the thought of a future without electricity and how people will react if the temperature drops and we cannot grow our own food is my fictional view of this world I have created...but what if it really did happen? It is a disturbing thought. Besides the first three published stories in this series with Siren-BookStrand, I have three more stories planned. One day, when I gather my nerve again, I will continue with the stay tuned.
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  1. Wow, this sounds like my kind of series. :) And I'm hoping spring is here now. Supposed to get above freezing, which is always a good thing. I saw my first robin yesterday. Actually, it was a group of robins all together, scouting out the patch of grass not covered by snow. LOL

  2. Cool Jessica! I've seen some robins too! The creatures are coming out of hibernation. Squeeeing!