Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another trip to the Writer's Retreat!

Greetings from this side of Spring!

Where is it where one can have below freezing temperatures and hot all in the same day? Only in Canada. LOL

We took a recent trip up to my writer's retreat in Northern Ontario and when we got there, the ice was just going out on some of the lakes and ponds but the air was quite warm - so off came the winter coats. Yeah!!

And then came a lovely heat wave for a couple of days which allowed me to hit some hiking trails and snap some colorful Spring shots.

But just before we left the writer's retreat...guess what? Snow!
Here's a pic taken from the retreat's living room window...on came the winter coats!
Oh well, LOL, winter does have a way of hanging on.
However sunny days are on the way. Squeeeing!
Then I'll be able to start writing outdoors again.
Notice the old writer's chair on the pic below?
I hope your Spring goes great and if you are looking for a hot read, feel free to pick up my latest release ~ Shades of Ménage Boxed Set.

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Hugs and Happy Reading!

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