Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Romancing the capital. Soulmates. Past lives......Hot Irish accents! *fans face*

Romancing the Capital is just around the corner and I can't wait to meet you all in person. I've already admitted that I'll be having my own personal fan girl moments with some brilliant authors. I look forward to discovering all sorts of new and wonderful Romance as well. 
I thought it might be a good opportunity to introduce my story to you before the signing. Hopefully you'll come by and hang out with me this weekend! 


IntractableSouls by Tricia Daniels
Book 1 of the Bound4Ireland Series
Sometimes the one you need, is exactly the one you want…
 You only have to choose to believe.

SoulsReAligned by Tricia Daniels
Book 2 of the Bound4Ireland Series
When the one you want, is undeniably the one you need…
put aside your fears and believe.

IndivisibleSouls by Tricia Daniels (coming soon)
Book 3 of the Bound4Ireland Series
When he’s everything she needs, and she’s the only one he wants…
All things are possible, when you believe.

My compelling and heart-pounding debut novel, INTRACTABLE SOULS, boasts tons of 5-star reviews.  It was the Winner of the 2014 LoveStruck Award for Most Magical Moment. 2nd place finish in the categories of Change My Panties, Brought The Most Heat, Biggest Knockout and OH MY Moments. It has a little something for everybody. Hot Irish alpha, mystery, humor, smoking hot sex and a romantic look into the past life of soul mates, struggling to find their HEA in this life. This is definitely a series you don't want to miss! 

Do you believe in Soulmates? 

Can you imagine events in your life that leave you struggling... worn down and feeling broken; unworthy of love. One day, you come across a stranger that you've known intimately only in your dreams. You want to believe that soul mates exist because you have never experienced a love so strong than when you're in his arms... but that was another place... another life... 
In this life, you build up walls to protect your fragile heart, determined to keep everyone at a distance.
There's just one problem. His seriously sexy Irish accent and lethal kind of flare and charm. More than any one man should ever possess.

He feels it too, he knew, from the very first moment that he saw you that you're meant to be his. Used to getting the things he wants, he's determined to have you and struggles to control his Irish temper, the reason for his own troubled past. You're the woman that makes him want more, the kind of girl that would make any man think about forever. Afraid that he can’t live without you and unwilling to lose you, he hides his secrets and ignores his dark desires and fantasies of control.

You know how this story ends and there's no Happily Ever After; your past has ensured it. Despite the dreams and memories that would have you believe that he's "the one", your stars just don't seem to line up. No matter how much the universe tries to push you together.
Sometimes the journey to the HEA has a lot of bends in it. Sometimes, two imperfect people can love each other perfectly. Nothing else matters. Ethan believes… and inspired by love, he's determined to convince Olivia that ALL things are possible... if you just believe. 

Book 2 of the Bound4Ireland Series...

Until next time! Look for love, it's all around you !

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  1. I love these books. Intractable Souls struck a chord with me from the first page.I truly believe soul mates exist, may each of you find yours.