Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's a HIT!

Thanks to Eve Langlais, Canada has a new romance reader conference. The very first Romancing the Capital was held last weekend in Ottawa and WOW, it was a fantastic success. (It's possible that Eve is the most organized person on the planet.)

If you are on Facebook, there's a long stream of pictures from the conference in the RTC Ottawa group. My husband was watching them flow on Sunday night and remarked that everyone looked like they were having such fun. They were. 

I had such a good time. It was wonderful to meet so many readers and writers whose names I know from our online interactions, as well as to meet new readers and writers. (As a bonus, I met many of the writers who contribute to this blog for the first time ever. Hello, my Romance Eh sisters!) There was a lot of energy at the conference, the events were fun, the food was great and the hotel was fabulous. The booksigning was the best. (I have shiny new books to read - yay!) I've never been to such a good conference, or one so well organized.

Incredibly, Eve even managed to ensure that we had beautiful weather, both for the drives to and from Ottawa and for the weekend itself. It was forecast to rain, so clearly she has connections.

It was also perfect timing for a break for me (I know Eve was thinking of that a year or more ago when she chose the date...!) Firestorm Forever, which is available for pre-order at Amazon, Apple, B&N, GooglePlay and Kobo became the monster book this winter. It includes three firestorms (romances) and is more than twice the length of the other Dragonfire novels. It goes on sale May 13, so I've been embroiled in the final proofreading of the book. It was refreshing to step away from my dragon dudes and have some fun with readers (especially with readers who so love my Pyr heroes!)

Plans are already in the works for RTC 2016, and I'll definitely be there. There are whispers of more events, more programming - and people are already planning their costumes for the evening parties. I can't wait and am doing some organizing myself. Hope to see you there.

I suspect that this is going to become an event like Lori Foster's reader event which sells out very quickly each year. If you have any plans to attend, you'll want to keep an eye on this website, where registration will open in the next couple of weeks.

Eve is at work with her minions and I'm not going to get in their way.

Thanks, Eve, for a great time! And now, back to those final proofs of Firestorm Forever...


  1. It was so awesome! LOVED meeting you Deb! Can't wait til next year!!

  2. Love all your books. Going to preorder now. Can't wait to party again next year.

  3. Awesomeness! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you finally.

  4. Great to meet you Deb am reading the book Aongot right now - supet!