Thursday, January 29, 2015

Climbing the Writing Mountain by Jan Springer

I was pondering what to blog about for today's post and couldn't come up with anything except my latest achievement. So I thought I would share.

For many years I have been climbing the writing mountain.

My (crazy) mind has so many stories that sometimes I just can't seem to write a word. Not because I don't know what to write - but because I just have TOO many stories and it gets blocked - like a log jam and I can't figure out which story to work on.

I can see the story in my mind (they are the beautiful mountains in the background) but it is sometimes very hard to unlock that log jam and get to the beauty of the story. Can any of you writer's relate?

Walks in the gorgeous Ontario wilderness (my backyard) seems to help a lot.
Nature sucks away all my stress and then I can write again. 

Last year I was able to break through many of these log jams during my walks. I wrote some hot erotic romances and then I indie pubbed them.

This past month (January) 2015 I finally reached the top of the writing mountain when my box set A Touch of Ménage became an Amazon Kindle TOP 100 bestseller! Squeeeeing!

I feel like Rocky right now...being the underdog and finally able to punch the air in victory. Wooot!
If you'd like to grab a copy of A Touch of Ménage Box Set for .99 cents (5 stories which takes place in an unnamed fictional town near the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, and one story that takes place in Northern Ontario)  please pop over to
and follow the links.
Cover art by Bookin It Designs

 Now I am off to take another nature walk and suck in some
ice-cold fresh air and look at the gorgeous scenery of pine trees.
Then it will be back to writing and living inside some more hawt stories.


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