Monday, January 26, 2015

Melting Pots Are The Best Pots

My husband and I were talking the other night about what to have for dinner. Neither of us wanted to cook so the argument started..What do you feel like? Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Lebanese, Perogies, BBQ, Indian, Chinese... We have excellent restaurants for all of these and that's when we started to wonder what exactly is considered Canadian cuisine? Other than Poutine (fries and cheese curds smothered in really hot gravy so the cheese starts to melt) mmmmmmpoutine.

We live in such a multi cultural area, that we take for granted all the incredible things that Southern Ontario has to offer. A quick trip on the GoTrain and I can be in Toronto and a brief subway ride away from almost every cultural community you can imagine.

That is what I had in mind when the idea for Ecstasy Lake came into my brain. I was hiking though Algonquin Park and started imagining a town of shapeshifters tucked away in the bush. My goal was to have a melting pot of were-creatures all living in a close community for protection and kinship. Polyfamilies are the norm there, which is why some smartass keeps spraying 3x on the welcome sign. LOL

 Oh, and that night we went to "Sammies" (Lebanese) for donairs and chichen schwarma. :) I love that place and he's been going there since he was 16. LOL What's your favourite food? Do you cook traditional dishes (what's traditional for you) or head out to a restaurant?

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  1. I don't like to cook to be honest. My hubby does most of it. I'm fine with ordering from a restaurant.
    I love this chicken ceasar salad that Lone Star does. It's got a different garlic dressing on it. It's delish!

  2. LOL My hubby does the vast majority of cooking too....but I make a mean grilled cheese :) I've never been to Lone Star. I'll put it on the list to check out.