Friday, January 16, 2015

Kacey Hammell Happenings ... Life, Writing, Target, #FREE Ebook.

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great start to the new year. 2015 is going to be exciting and a lot of fun. At least in my mind it will be. 

Not a lot going on in the Hammell household so far. All of us had a terrible stomach flu which took us all by surprise, and it was a very long week. Kids returned to school with moans and groans. Oldest son in high school is starting exams next week, which he wants to get done and over with, but the studying part takes him away from all the fun stuff. The life of a teen, right? LOL My daughter is in her 2nd semester of RPN course in college, and has clinical 2 days a week. She's enjoying it but I have to say I admire her a lot. Some of the stories she tells, which isn't a lot because of privacy, but I am not sure I'd have the knack for doing everything she does.

As far as writing goes, I'm currently working on Candy's story -- whom you all met in DARE -- and it's set in St. Albert, Alberta. My aunt and uncle lived there for a few years before coming back closer to Ontario and while I've never visited, they loved it immensely. I'm having fun writing the story. Candy is a bit of a handful -- she was in DARE too if you recall -- but I am sure I'll get her whipped into some shape before I write The End. Either that or I'll be bald from tearing my hair out over her. LOL

Bit of an uproar going on in Canada atm. Target is closing all its locations. This irks me. Never shopped there and never will. They had promised to put a store in Belleville, town closest to me. All employees of Zellers at the time were promised to have a spot in the new Target. However, we ended up not getting a store after all, and now they're closing all the Targets they did bring into Canada. I've never thought it was a great idea to begin with, I mean who can really compete with Wal-Mart, and my heart goes out to the near 200,000 CDNs going to be out of work. It's a sad and terrible situation. 

Reminder to all:
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Until next month, enjoy and embrace everything and everyone around you.


  1. Several of my girlfriends are RNs. I admire them so much, but I know I couldn't do it.
    Candy. She sounds like a good read. :)
    Too bad about all those lost jobs. Bummer! My boys love their toy section. Michigan is the home for K-mart which has taken a lot of hits mostly due to Wal-Mart and Target. We no longer have a K-mart in Kzoo.
    Here's to the Revved & Ready series finding several more satisfied readers. :D

    1. Thanks SJ. Candy is a handful and driving me nuts. I guess that's the sign of a good story to come?? :D
      Watching the news anymore is a drag with loss of jobs anymore. Then again the news is all a drag with more than just loss of jobs.

  2. Target was a big bust, nothing like the US stores I've been in. The Canadian stores have empty shelves and crap merchandise. Canadians are smarter shoppers then that. I feel bad for the employees as well.

    1. I'm saddened for the employees too. It's terrible, but I can't say I am surprised. Even in the US ones I've been in, it's like walking into Zellers. *shrugs*
      Hopefully those out of work will be able to find something fast.

  3. Hello, Kacey :-)

    I'm with you on the whole Target bit. I had friends that were long time employees in Belleville at Zellers, and were let go, even with false promises of bringing them back to a new store that never took place. It's sad really, and to be honest, the only "Target" experience I've had, was in Kingston, with overpriced items, most of which were name brands Zellers had carried anyway. Shelves were always empty, there was never any department staff to assist, and the self-check outs were a royal pain.

    Canadian economy has become a nightmare. Alas, it is a sign of the times. As a government employee for the better part of 27 years, the continual budget cutbacks have diminished front line services for clients and employment, no matter how much they cut, each fiscal year brings more news of layoffs and program annihilation. Wonder if it will improve in the near future?

    Congrats to your daughter, nursing is such an important role, and if she's anything like her Momma, she's got a bedside manner that were perk any patient up, no matter what illness they struggle with. The balance your son is getting from hard work and play is wonderful, with his grades, the world is his oyster!

    Keep writing <3

    1. Thanks Kali. I yap a lot about my kids -- as you know!! LOL -- but they work hard.

      I got my 1st job in retail at the Zellers that was up where Stream is now (in Bllvlle). I loved working there. Ppl were great.
      I hope economy improves soon. It's getting too sobering knowing how many are struggling.
      Here's praying for good news for all soon.

  4. My daughter is an LPN in Texas. She makes more money than does an RN in Virginia. Housing is cheaper there. At one time she moved back here, but the economic difference sent her back to Texas.

    I used to shop at Target, but we now have a Kroger Marketplace with lower prices and depending on how much you spend a 3 cent and 10 cents for every $100 purchase up to $1.00 for $1000 purchase per month. I get my groceries at the local Kroger except for when I have enough points or want to buy kitchen appliances, clothing etc.

    I downloaded my copy of 69 Mustang. I really like the cover as shown here.

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for stopping by. I'd love to go to Texas. It's on my bucket list. You must be very proud of your daughter. It's not an easy profession to handle. Kudos to her from Canada *g*

      I don't believe I've ever been in a Kroger store. It's always interesting where we'll shop to find it easier. I confess I like walmart for the one stop shop of the super center, but I'm finding their items are getting cheaper, and store employees grumpier every day! LOL But that's me. They all work hard so I guess we can't complain too much.

      I hope you enjoy 69 Mustang! It was a lot of fun to write.
      Have a great evening, Ray.