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Hot Soup With A Side of Hot Fiction @MichelleGAuthor #recipes #romance

It's February. Yay. 'Nathan Burgoine's post yesterday really resonated with me. Winter is not a happy time for me usually and I have issues with everything from mood to attention span. Everything seems crappier and my coping mechanisms are stretched very thin.  All I really want to do is be at home, by the fireplace, reading or watching TV with my comfort food of choice. This quote from Edith Sitwell expresses it nicely:

Well, today happens to be National Homemade Soup day; it's the perfect comfort food for a cold, dreary winter day. A few days ago LD Blakeley shared her recipe for Carrot Butternut Squash soup. And here's my "recipe" for turkey soup.

Turkey Soup a la Michelle

1. Put the turkey carcass in a stock pot and fill with water to cover carcass and come within a couple inches of the rim. Put the pot on the stove and set on high. 

2. Quarter 2 onions and toss them in. 

3. Add seasonings. I used sage, summer savoury, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, sea salt, and whole peppercorns. Maybe a tablespoon of each? I didn't measure. 

4. Boil the crap out of it. Like at least two hours. I had it on for about 3.5. 

5. Pull out the big bones and chunks with tongs. Then pour the stock through a strainer to get everything out. Return the stock to the pot. 

6. At this point try the stock and see how the flavour is. You can add more seasonings if you want, or a couple OXO cubes or something similar. 

7. Chop up celery (I used about half a bunch) and carrots (I used 6) and add those to the stock. You can add more onions now too or just pick out the ones from before and toss them back in. You could add other veggies, too but I like to keep it simple. Turn the burner on low. 

8. Let the turkey bones/meat that you strained out cool a bit until you can handle it with your fingers. Then go through and pick all the usable meat off (if you boiled it long enough the bones will be almost completely cleaned and easy to pull out). If you have leftover slices of turkey, you can cut that into chunks and toss it in, too. 

9. The water will have boiled down a lot so add more in, especially if you're going to add noodles or rice. I added 2.5 cups of rice and it sucks up a lot of liquid. 

10. Cook for a while longer - 30-45 minutes or so. Then it's ready. Add more stock or seasonings if you want.

Now this takes a while to make, so what to do with all that downtime? You could clean or something, but that would be foolish. Better to settle in with a hot book to warm you up.

One of my publishers, Evernight Publishing, has a special line called Romance On The Go - stories of 15, 000 words or less that are designed to be read quickly. Like while you're waiting for turkey soup.

Here are some of my favourite Romance On The Go:

Of course, I have to mention that I have a few titles in this line - my Losing It series, the latest of which won the Readers' Choice Award for best Romance On The Go. I'm also thrilled that Evernight has recently contracted the 4th book in the series, Losing It Two At A Time, due out in April.

I hope you find some excellent short stories to read and enjoy your homemade soup today!

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