Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My first post.. phewww learning curves

Hi all!

I want to first thank the wonderful Kacey Hammell for inviting me to join and post on this great blog, for those of you don’t know me I’m Roxanna Cross avid loose leaf tea drinker and erotic romance writer. Now, now my love of teas doesn’t make me any less of a coffee addict. Yeah, I know I guess I should pick one of the twos, but I can’t! Anyoo, over the weekend as I struggled with another passion of mine massage candle making I discovered a new tea: English Toffee – sounds really sweet, but surprisingly it hit the spot bang on. Oh and when I meant struggled with the candle making I do mean struggle turns out I’d bought the wrong type of wax, so my first batch of massage candles well not so oily more waxy so xnay on the massage part. In the end I have aromatherapy candles. Lesson in all this -- don’t try to market new book that’s just been released to mass social media at the same time as candle making the two don't mix. On the bright side Wrecked in Love the Sequel has finally hit the market everyone. And check out this fabulous trailer https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=_3ZwqBHJS6g
my hubby help create for me,  got to love him! Hit me up anytime at https://www.facebook.com/roxanna.cross.180  or on my blog at https://roxannacross.wordpress.com

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