Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Retail Therapy with @LDBlakeley #SorryNotSorry

We made it! It's March, which means spring is right around the corner... right?

I don't know about you, but gloomy winter weather doesn't do a thing for my spirits. And it hasn't even been that bad here in Toronto, not by a long shot. Not compared with most of the rest of the country. It doesn't mean I  haven't resorted to a bit of retail therapy to boost my mood from time to time over the past few months. I mean, we can't rely on wine for everything, right?

One of my favourite indulgences when it comes to hauling myself out of the doldrums is – surprise – books! They never let you down. Your size is always in stock. And if you haven't managed to shed those few extra holiday pounds, it doesn't matter – one size really does fit all!

Of course that sexy little one-click can be a dangerous thing when not used wisely. And sometimes it's just so hard to resist it's tiny, orange cyber-siren song. But I've found a solution so worthy of sharing!

A few years ago I discoverd (for our American friends, there's a sister site at and good LORD what a find. It's like going into one of those discount pop-up shops that appear for months at a time in various locations around the city. Only you can shop in your underwear living room!

It's a bargain-hunter's /book lover's paradise. Prices are deeply discounted (which makes both my heart and my credit card sing!) And while they sometimes may not have the exact title (ie - newest release) you're looking for, I've always found plenty to choose from. There is a New Release section that seems to get refreshed daily, though, so it's not like your shopping in a Way Back machine. My favourite is the Scratch and Dent section. I have quite a few titles from that category that are in near-pristine condition (the worst I've seen is the tell-tale ink mark along the fore-edge, signifying the discount pile).

Behold the booky goodness that arrived on my doorstep yesterday:

Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy P. Clark | The Compleat Ankh-Morpork by Terry Pratchett (this lovely is hardcover) | Thingamajigs and Whatchamacallits (Unfamiliar Terms For Familiar Things) by Rod L. Evans | The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said by Robert Byrne | The 2,548 Wittiest Things Anybody Ever Said by Robert Byrne

I've probably ordered from this place a dozen times or so and have always had fantastic luck. Shipping is even quite reasonable (not to mention speedy), a real find considering how weighty books can get and how expensive Canada Post tends to be.

They have a storefront location in St. Catharines, a mere hour's drive from my front door. I'm afraid I'd need to pack a lunch, though, if I were to brave 500,000 square feet of books. Plus I'd have to put on pants. I think I'll stick to online for now.
Go forth and shop, my pretties!


  1. I discovered when my kids were little. Man, did they have books!! And then when I started knitting??? Every pattern book EVAR! Booky goodness, for sure. :)