Saturday, March 11, 2017

I ran away from home and found the sun (and a lot of fun!)

Spring isn’t officially here until the Equinox next week, but I’m ready to celebrate the news season ahead of schedule. The long, dark nights of winter are almost gone for another year – hurray!

I got a jump start on the season this year by cheating. I flew to Texas at the end of February and spent the better part of a week roaming the streets of San Antonio, hunting cowboys and soaking up the sun. It was t-shirt and short weather down south, warm enough to confuse even the locals. Thirty-five-degree weather in February? Bring it on! Even warmer than the weather was the welcome I received from the other authors and readers at Wild Wicked Weekend. If you’ve never been to a romance reader/author get-together, then you’re missing out on an amazing experience.

River Walk - San Antonio - Yes, it was a balmy 35 degrees that evening. 

Imagine it. A hundred or more fellow readers - each and every one of them passionate about the romance genre - thrown together for a weekend of laughter and fun. Every event I attend, I make new friends and discover new authors to read and books to fall in love with. Attending events gives me an opportunity to travel to new places and explore cities I would never otherwise visit, in the company of amazing people I would never meet anywhere else. I’ve eaten on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, wandered the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans, watched the sunset over the mountains of Denver, and laughed with friends over drinks in Ottawa, Canada.

Me dressed up for Western Saloon night

Attending a romance reader/author event is like walking into a room full of people and realizing “this is my tribe.” It’s an experience like no other, and if you’re as fortunate as I have been, you’ll make friends and memories that will be with you the rest of your life.

Male hosts serving us ice cream at the opening event 

I came home from San Antonio with amazing pictures, memories, and sadly, a Texas-sized flu bug that knocked me off my feet for almost a week, but it was worth it! Wild Wicked Weekend is an event I plan on returning to next year, and maybe I’ll get to see some of you there in 2018. What better way to escape the winter blahs? 

My favourite picture from Wild Wicked Weekend. (of course)

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