Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! (@KaceyHammell) #Writing #LuckOtheIrish #Sale

It’s a day of everyone in the world putting their best green and having the luck of the Irish. Being over 70% Irish, I used to do the day up huge for the kids. Green pancakes, juice, potatoes, cupcakes and decorated the whole house. Now, I don whatever green I have and appreciate the memories and stories learned at my Grandfather’s knees. The kids have grown and don’t find the same enjoyment in the day like they used to. I wish my Grandfather was around as they grew up to share the stories from Ireland that he told me as a child, which some he remembers from being a boy and then from his folks when they moved over here. Even as a storyteller myself, there’s something missing when I retell them to the kids. Sad and true, but they do get some enjoyment over hearing the old tales.

Nonetheless, I love watching the news for all the St. Pat’s celebrations on the news, and still wish it was a national holiday. I mean, it would be great to drink Irish Whiskey all day and not have to worry about work. Oh right, I work from home at present, and I can. LOL But I don’t. Long gone are my drinking for hours kind of days. I’m not that young any more. *g*

One interesting thing about my Irish heritage as well, is that unbeknownst to me when I decided on a pen name, I didn’t know that “Hammell” was indeed a surname dating back centuries from Ireland. I’d come up with the name because it was the surname of my favorite figure skater, Dorothy Hamill, who I greatly admired. Imagine my surprise when I learned it dated back many ancestors of mine. Things happen for a reason I believe.

On a side note, my one publisher, Evernight Publishing (and sister site, Evernight Teen) is having a St. Patrick’s Day sale of 25% OFF your website purchase Friday and Saturday (17th & 18th). Take advantage of the sale and get yourself some great stories for yourself. Sit back with some Irish Whiskey and relax.  

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May the luck of the Irish always be with you!!

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