Monday, March 6, 2017

It's March??!

The day absolutely and completely got away from me and I almost forgot to post here. D'oh!

I keep forgetting that it's March too. I know, inconceivable right?

It has been an insane couple weeks at my house!

Heck, it's been an insane month.

-I had another switch in editors
-My January deadline book got eaten by the Internet monsters and I had to resend it.
-I have TWO releases in March '17
-March Break and 3 kids home. *cue Home Alone scream*
-Eldest applied to an out of area high school and got in! *This one I'm super proud of because it's the #2 Academic HS in all of Ontario. David Suzuki went here and happens to be in our city. Hence competition to get in is tight*
-Youngest gained over 15 lbs when he hasn't gained in years and needed a major adjustment in his meds.
-First Kindle World release, which is tomorrow (March 7) and has me slightly freaked out because I absolutely adore Desiree Holt and am both honoured and freaked out to be writing in her world.
-Getting swag ready for August
-Making all the blue dots light up for February on the Weight Watchers app
-Volunteering at my local RWA chapter to become *gulp* PAN liaison
-Judging a couple contests
-This crazy Canadian weather. Is it spring? Is it winter?
-Researching stuff about family Metis history, which is actually quite relaxing to be honest.

So yeah, it's been a crazy bit of time and it's not letting up any time soon. I have another book due mid April and I have to write up a synopsis for the book that's due in mid July, but is now being bumped to mid June.

Oh and I have all the rights back to all my old releases and I'm still figuring out what to do with them.

*whew* So yeah, it's been a crazy little bit, so I'm definitely sorry for being late with my post here.

I swear, next month I will have something super witty and fun to say. Until then, I'll leave you with the gorgeous cover for my OMEGA TEAM contribution: Biochemical Reaction which is out tomorrow.

An attraction like no other…

Former Navy Seal Jack Crane walked away after a chemical attack wiped out his platoon and scarred him, forcing him out of the military--the hardest thing he ever had to do...Until Omega Team contacted him to protect an undercover agent at a secret lab.

Lisa Morgan had nothing to lose when she took on the assignment to uncover Bio-Tek’s dark secrets concerning the deadly chemical agent that killed her brother and cost her the only man she ever loved a decade ago when he walked away.

When the man hired to protect her turns out to be Jack, she's forced to trust with her life the man she couldn't trust with her heart, and make sure the antidote for that terrible chemical gets into the right hands before it's too late.

You can find out more about Amy here or shout at her on Twitter. Okay, don't shout, she might run away, but she will chat! ;)

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