Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Daughter, Dentist & Book

Last Wednesday I had appointment at the dentist and my one my teenage daughters decided to give me a challenge of sort. She's my little book worm who for her birthday in mid-November and Christmas πŸŽ„ put together a book list with over 50 titles which she requested has presents 🎁. I loved her list because it enabled to cross off some titles from my own list..like Canadian author Kelley Armstrong series The Summoning which is still sitting on her to read shelf 😀and since my daughter has this crazy rule that states I can't read one of her books until she's read it before... Arrgghh my long awaited series is still out of reach, for now. Her genius plan for for my dentist appointment, to provide me with one of her new favorite reads from her 50 titles. Lux Beginnings by Jennifer L. Armentrout now this book offers a love and hate relationship with the male lead character Daemon, reminds me of Daemon from Vampire Dairies or Edward in Twilight he's that infuriating. Kathy the female lead is strong willed and doesn't back down, I truly her backbone and quip backs. The men in black vibe is awesome πŸ‘. I can definitely understand why my daughter fell in love with the book so much. By book three of this alien series the I'm just had hooked, the mysterious government conspiracy men in black is so twisted, friends turned to foe, dead brother returned to life... oh 😲 lalala can't wait to see how it all turns out mainly because daughter is reading, yes you guessed it Kelley Armstrong and when she's done that beautiful series will be mine till next time!

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