Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring fever! Happy Spring Equinox!!!

Who's got spring fever?...This girl!

Happy Spring Equinox

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

The winter blues are fading fast, but every time we get a nice spell of seasonal warmth and sunshine, we get hit again with the typical Canadian-confused climate.

Blistering winds and drifting snow-to-ice storms, and days later, major melt-downs and water-rise advisories. Us Canadians can't keep straight whether to wear our rubber boots or flip flops by the time mid-March rolls around!

Now, that being said, warm for the average Canadian is disputable for our more southern neighbours. After a winter that makes most of nature want to hibernate deep inside the earth, a day of cool breeze and sunshine is enough for us to toss our coats and boots in the cellar and consider short sleeves once again.

I know, personally, I've got spring fever when some of the following things start to happen:

  • When driving, it's too hot with even a light jacket on
  • I'm stuck deciding between the heat and air conditioning in my car
  • More mud and sand is sprawled over my wooden floors than in my driveway
  • The dust that's accumulated from the wood stove is considerably noticeable
  • The urge to clean wraps around my soul
  • Cabin fever sets in and I need to have daily adventures
  • BBQ'ing in bare feet on the deck is tolerable, even though there are remnants of snow and ice around the yard
  • The duvet cover on the bed becomes too hot for comfort at night
  • The urge to crack the window open at night taunts me

So, tell me, how do you know when spring fever hits you? Are there any tell-tale signs or things you feel compelled to do?

Happy reading!

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